Indian village got washed away

Uploaded to YouTube on Jul 31, 2006: Impacts of sea level rise on coastal communities in Orissa, India. Villages literally got washed away. Related India Braces

Colorado frack-site flooding – September 2013 Historic flooding across large portions of Central and Eastern Colorado has caused an unprecedented amount of damage. Along with the rise in water levels

Historic Flooding Colorado September 2013

Colorado flooding forces thousands more evacuations “Biblical” rains trigger flooding that kills 3 in Colo. Live coverage of Colorado flooding from KUSA-TV

Wild Weather of the Future (1776 Edition)

By Chris Mooney| Tue Aug. 27, 2013: In this talk, meteorologist and America’s “Science Idol” contest winner Tom DiLiberto gives a forecast of the weather

Climate Extremes and the Carbon Cycle

A new study (doi:10.1038/nature12350) published in nature, explores the impacts of extreme weather events on the carbon cycle.By Bobby Magill / Wunderground, published: August 15, 2013:

Save the Earth

Before it is too late… a 2013 Climate State film.