Frontline: Heat (2008)

FRONTLINE Episode: HEAT A far-reaching investigation into America’s energy landscape and what can be done to save our planet – and what it will take.

Extreme Ice (2009)

National Geographic Extreme Ice: In the extreme, ice-bound regions of the earth, something unprecedented is happening. Everywhere, glaciers and ice sheets have begun breaking apart,

Professor joins fight to save Arctic

By Michelle Wheeler, The West Australian: In a room at the White House next week, an extraordinary meeting of the brightest minds will attempt to form

An Inconvenient Truth A documentary on Al Gore’s campaign to make the issue of global warming a recognized problem worldwide. Update Since Paramount has taken down the

Getting rich off global warming

“Local officials and enviros are making plans for a post-global warming America. And so are profit-seeking companies.” BY ALEXANDER ZAITCHIK / via On the opening morning