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Since 2011 Climate State provides coverage of the broad spectrum of climate change.  We’ve published over 1500 videos, roughly 2000 articles and reached an estimate of 25 Million viewers and readers from all around the world.

1500 Videos
2000 Articles
25 Million Viewers & Readers

Climate Change

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Sea Level Rise

We are heading for 1 m sea level rise (SLR) by the end of the century, but there is a distinct possibility it could go faster, especially if parts of Greenland or Antarctica fall apart rapidly, aka 10 times faster than present is possible. – Eric Rignot


Climate change is encompassing, unpredictable, and not yet under control. The future rate of changes and manifestations depend on our actions today.



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Early Sea Level Rise footage

How we discovered Sea Level Rise

Based on motion pictures, with the scope on Antarctica, spanning from 1948 to 1990.

How bad could climate change get?

What are the worst-case scenarios?

Luke Kemp talks in 2021 about extreme climate risks – could the worst-cases result in global catastrophe, or even long-term human extinction? In this panel, leading scientists discuss what we know about the worst-case scenarios, what we don’t know, and how we can study the catastrophic risks of climate change.

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