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26, 2013: Thomas Painter of NASA JPL speaks at TEDxISU […]

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August 5, 2013

26, 2013: Thomas Painter of NASA JPL speaks at TEDxISU on fascinating new data and perspectives on the causes and impact of Climate Change.

The Weekend Wonk: Tom Painter on Dark Snow

Tom Painter was originally going to come with us on the Dark Snow mission. We were disappointed to hear he couldn’t make it, but lucky for us, he sent along the more than capable fireball Mckenzie Skiles, who is currently analyzing the collected snow samples.

Dr. Painter discusses the science, history, and impacts of human caused changes in the “whiteness” of snow.  I’m liking this talk a lot because of Painter’s very personal communication style, clean simple examples, and ability to show how anthropogenic changes hit home. Source ClimateCrocks.com

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