Another month another YouTube channel termination

It has become very difficult to post videos, and sustain […]

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Climate State

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March 15, 2017

It has become very difficult to post videos, and sustain a YouTube channel dedicated to climate change awareness. This is in addition to content which receives false copyright claims (ie. content licensed under creative commons with commercial usage allowed), or because film studios file claims for segments of their official movie trailers as part of a compilation, or because content published into the public domain regularly receives copyright claims. Each time we have to address this, file a dispute, and often we have to take down content – even with a valid license.

Part why we are able to post articles to the site and create videos is because we can monetize content, there is no other funding, except for our Patreon supporters.

In the past 6 months, a channel got demonetized for about a week, then in January one channel got terminated (The channel was revived – without any reason given for the termination), last month AdSense payout was blocked (No notification, but we guess it was related to the termination), and today we learned that a channel again was terminated.

We hope that YouTube will reverse the termination, ther termination email notice states:

We’d like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines ( your YouTube account ClimateState has been suspended.

After review we determined that activity in your account violated our Community Guidelines, which prohibit spam, scams or commercially deceptive content (

We still have a petition going from last termination, you can sign it here

You can also help us to become more independent from YouTube monetizations as a Patreon supporter. You can also support our climate awareness actions with a PayPal donation (Donate to email: “Donate @”). Thank You.

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The ClimateState channel ClimateProgressWorld was created in January 2012, with an estimated 4 million views (videos taken down reduce channel view count), and about 200 videos. Content varied widely, with the scope on climate science and climate solutions. You can get an idea about the content when viewing a copy at the Internet Archive.

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Personal opinion
Repeated breaking of our communication channels feels like getting bullied for speaking up on climate change. Since we do not know the exact reasons for the terminations we can just guess. After the last termination we found 4 videos – all public domain, which were tagged for copyright claims, and this might had an impact, besides our account was all the time in good standing.

Maybe someone is mass reporting our videos, we don’t know for sure, but the repeated incidents hint at such. We also noticed an influx of threatening comments at our videos, attacking the messenger or the format. Someone may have the objective to remove our climate channels from the internet. Sad!

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Climate State covers the broad spectrum of climate change, and the solutions, since around 2011 with the focus on the sciences. Views expressed on this site or on social media are not necessarily the views by Climate State – we endorse data, facts, empirical evidence.


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