The ClimateState Week in Review, #29 (July 14-20, 2014)

All the ClimateState coverage from week #29, 2014 on one […]

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July 20, 2014

All the ClimateState coverage from week #29, 2014 on one page. Never miss out on global warming news again.

July 14, 2014

  1. ClimateState, The Week #28 in Review
  2. Obama takes on Big Oil: Will the president’s final, radical climate push be enough?
  3. The UK is transforming coal mines into solar farms!
  4. Dr. Jason Box Interviewed by Bill Maher
  5. Modi doubles down on Indian solar revolution
  6. Scottish government targets offshore wind costs with £2.2m funding pot
  7. Australia has a choice: join others to combat climate change, or stand alone
  8. WMO: Climate, water and weather extreme data (1970-2012)
  9. Kaiser: ‘Germany must support renewables, not coal’
  10. Mountaintop Coal Mining Schooled By Federal Judge
  11. Eight ways climate change is making the world more dangerous
  12. The Weather in U.S. and Canada Will Be Very Bizarre This Week

July 15, 2014

  1. Murdoch keeps papers, Coalition in line on climate, clean energy
  2. NASA’s website reports that the global average surface temperature anomaly for June 2014 was +0.62oC making it the third warmest in NASA’s records
  3. NIST home puts energy back into the grid
  4. These Two Architectural Marvels Of The Future Are Inspired By Climate Change
  5. Neverglades: Sorry Michael Grunwald, South Florida IS Drowning
  6. The Point Everyone Is Missing About The Return Of The ‘Polar Vortex’
  7. Soaring Mercury And Growing Wildfires Heat Up The Pacific Northwest
  8. In Lead Up To Carbon Price, South Africa Preps Carbon Offset Program
  9. Military Bases Face Hurdles in Climate Change Adaptation
  10. Weatherwatch: The great trek north
  11. Major Companies Push for More, Easier Renewable Energy
  12. OPINION: The Caribbean: A Clean Energy Revolution on the Front Lines of Climate Change
  13. Rupert Murdoch doesn’t understand climate change basics, and that’s a problem
  14. A Fine Frenzy ~ the universal dance of delusion…and the paucity of hope
  15. Germany pledges $1bn to UN climate change fund
  16. Waste problems still haunt nuclear option
  17. Nestlé calls world’s water scarcity ‘more urgent’ than climate change – as it sells bottled water from drought-ridden California
  18. If You Cut One, Plant Two
  19. California Report Warns of Worsening Economic Impacts of Drought
  20. Storms Get Headlines, but Drought Is a Sneaky, Devastating Game-Changer
  21. What climate tipping points should we be looking out for?
  22. Ozone layer treaty could tackle super polluting HFCs
  23. Can the Fern That Cooled the Planet Do It Again?

July 16, 2014

  1. Landlocked Polar Bears Find New Prey
  2. Hottest March-June On Record Globally, Reports Japan Meteorological Agency
  3. Beef prices are soaring in the US, and climate change may be to blame
  4. Carbon Dioxide Suffers Just Like Jews In Nazi Germany, ‘Expert’ Says On CNBC
  5. As Climate Impacts Accelerate, Speed of Mitigation Becomes Key
  6. ‘Tornadoes of fire’ in N.W.T. linked to climate change
  7. Nigeria: We Planted 5 Million Trees in Seven Years – Lagos Govt
  8. What visiting Greenland taught me about climate change
  9. History will condemn climate change denialists
  10. According to NCDC, June 2014 was the 6th wettest June for the contiguous United States
  11. White House Announces Climate Change Initiatives
  12. BMW Boosts Battery Supplies on Electric-Car Rollout Plans
  13. The California drought and climate disruption
  14. Climate-cooling arctic lakes soak up greenhouse gases, study finds
  15. New Map Shows Dramatic Time Lapse of Tar Sands Deforestation
  16. Return to the home of the blizzard: Chris Turney reflects on his recent scientific mission to Antarctica
  17. Weather Disasters Have Cost the Globe $2.4 Trillion
  18. Tracking the breakup of Arctic summer sea ice
  19. 5 Ways Cities Are Preparing for Rising Sea Levels
  20. WTF, Summer? It’s 103 Degrees in Canada, 55 in Missouri
  21. Watchdog must be tougher on climate sceptic ‘charity’
  22. 80 percent of Malaysian Borneo degraded by logging
  23. Methane explosion investigated as cause for mysterious Siberian sink hole (Update)

July 17, 2014

  1. Corals near dredge sites have twice as much disease, study
  2. Must-Read ‘The Collapse of Western Civilization’ — A View From The Year 2393
  3. Florida Scientists Ask to Tutor Gov. Rick Scott on Climate Change Risks
  4. The future of coal in China, India, Australia, the US, EU, and UK
  5. Six Months In and Sizzling California Sets Record
  6. The ‘Today’ Show: A Sign of the Apocalypse
  7. Climate Change Committee blames Government over slow rate of progress in reducing UK carbon emissions
  8. Finland urges Europe to unite for global climate talks
  9. Arctic Warming and Increased Weather Extremes: The National Research Council Speaks
  10. The Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean reports the PDO index for June 2014 as +.82
  11. Russell Brand: The climate change debate, which is the hoax?
  12. Storms Get Headlines, but Drought Is a Sneaky, Devastating Game-Changer
  13. Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye. Epic Rap Battles of History
  14. Symphony of Science: Our Biggest Challenge
  15. Symphony of Science: Al Gore on Climate Reality
  16. Is global warming causing extreme weather via jet stream waves?
  17. Planet is Running a Temp: State of the Climate ‘Check-Up’
  18. Fires in NW Territories in Line with ‘Unprecedented’ Burn
  19. Google searches for natural gas leaks, finds a lot of them
  20. Bahrain generates oil and brains using 5 MW solar power
  21. ‘Merkel might come back as a climate leader’
  22. Electric cars for all government fleets
  23. Jamaica Unveils World’s Largest Wind-Solar Hybrid Installation
  24. Global warming culprit-nations likely to change by 2030
  25. Giant Global “Chimney” Could Alter Climate Change
  26. The One Metric That’s Hiding The True Cost Of Climate Change
  27. Scientists Look for Causes of Baffling Die-Off of Sea Stars
  28. Politicians on attack after scientists call for more research into fracking
  29. Climate change spells bad news for reindeer, say experts
  30. Oregon, Washington Declare States Of Emergency As Wildfires Spread
  31. Earth from Space, the Pale Blue Dot
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July 18, 2014

  1. Tropospheric Ozone in the Anthropocene: Are We Creating a Toxic Atmosphere?
  2. NOAA, State of the Climate 2013 report: Climate Scientists See ‘Very Rapid Declines’
  3. Bingo.
  4. Record floods, submerged Fenghuang ancient town, Hunan province – July 2014
  5. Super Typhoon Rammasun makes landfall in China (Update)
  6. Melting in the North, freezing in the South
  7. Germany is most energy efficient major economy, study finds
  8. Q&A: Canada’s oil sands linked to health woes
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July 19, 2014

  1. New mega-map details all the ways climate change will affect our everyday lives
  2. New hope for Antarctic Ocean?
  3. Northern Canada is On Fire, And It’s Making Global Warming Worse
  4. Wildfires Intensify in Pacific Northwest as Winds Rise
  5. Community discussion: Does climate denial begin in school?
  6. Weather Triggers Searches for Global Warming
  7. A 10-year endeavor: NASA’s Aura and climate change
  8. Vortex Spins up Wayward Jetsteam Discussion Again
  9. The Pentagon’s War Against Climate Change
  10. Permafrost and the mysterious Crater/Sinkhole (Jamal, Siberia)
  11. California Braces for the Worst: El Niño May Be Too Little, Too Late to Save It From Drought
  12. A Surprisingly Simple Way To Stop Fracking
  13. Germany tops energy-efficiency ranking and U.S. scores near bottom
  14. Groundwater Depletion Linked to Rising Sea Levels
  15. Australie.
  16. Greenland ice sheet collapse, triggered ancient sea level rise 400,000 years ago
  17. It’s the greenhouse gases, stupid!

July 20, 2014

  1. How to boost food production but not emissions? Researchers identify key ways
  2. Climate Records Shattered in 2013
  3. Caribbean Grapples with Intense New Cycles of Flooding and Drought
  4. U.S. Ranks Near Bottom Globally in Energy Efficiency
  5. U.S. Accused of Forcing EU to Accept Tar Sands Oil
  6. Frack Quietly, Please: Sage Grouse Is Nesting
  7. El Niño may not be able to save California
  8. Bruce Molnia’s Repeat Photos of Alaska, and What He Says They Reveal About Our World
  9. Global and regional trends in greenhouse gas emissions from livestock
  10. Fossil industry is the subprime danger of this cycle
  11. Miami could be the American Atlantis
  12. NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2, launched on July 2, will soon be providing about 100,000 high-quality measurements a day of carbon dioxide concentrations around the globe
  13. Typhoon Rammasun: Monster storm buffets south China
  14. Team finds sea level rise in western tropical Pacific anthropogenic
  15. Firefighters battle wild blazes in Spain
  16. U.S. and China Lead the Way on Carbon Capture & Storage
  17. DOE, commercial partners start world’s largest carbon capture project

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