Climate-induced migration on the rise

Climate change is not only throwing ecosystems off balance; it is also threatening the livelihoods of many people, which can result in major migrations. But

No Slowdown in Global Warming

Sep 4, 2013: In recent months, a lively media conversation has taken place in regard to what the surface temperature record is telling us. Here,

Global Warming Underestimated by Half

Uploaded on YouTube Aug 21, 2013: Coverage bias in the HadCRUT4 temperature series and its impact on recent temperature trends.Cowtan & Way (2013) Stefan Rahmstorf

IPCC Report AR5 September 2013

On September 27 2013 the IPCC released the WG1 report of the IPCC AR5 assessment. UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon addressed the IPCC at Stockholm on 27