The Light Bulb Conspiracy (2010)

Published 2010 (IMDB Rating 8.1) This is the story of companies who engineered their products to fail. This film criticizes the way manufacturers deliberately make short lasting

Native American Elder speaks Wisdom

Feb 24, 2010 by Avonaco76: Native American Elders speak about life, learning, common sense and spirituality. Featuring Iroquois Elder Oren R. Lyons.7th Generation is about

Collapse of Complex Societies

The collapse of complex societies of the past can inform the present on the risks of collapse. Dr. Joseph Tainter, author of the book The

Horizon: Death Of The Oceans?

Video Link Sir David Attenborough reveals the findings of one of the most ambitious scientific studies of our time – an investigation into what

The Earth is Carbon Starved

The history of the earth is immense, and diverse – and its easy to get confused and mangle history, — to mix things that never

Climate Change and National Security

Climate Change will have profound implications for the security of every nation. Experienced military experts have come to some conclusions on what’s coming. General Gordon

Carbon Nation

An optimistic (and witty) discovery of what people are already doing, what we as a nation could be doing and what the world needs to