Earth Under Water Worldwide Flooding Global Warming National Geographic Documentary

Miami, New Orleans and New York City completely under water it’s a very real possibility if sea levels continue to rise. In Earth Under Water we’ll see these events unfold as leading experts forecast how mankind will be impacted if global warming continues. They’ll break down the science behind these predictions and explore ways humanity could adapt, including engineering vast dams near San Francisco, or building floating cities outside of New York.

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  1. From industrial era we have been increasing the heat of the environment
    exponentially. With globalization we have intruded into the night cycle
    and have obstructed natures functions to conserve certain energy to matter
    ratio. The time given to earth to recoup is drastically reduced. Any man
    with little sense can tell we are heading to man-made destruction by double
    edged sword of fire and flood; unwinding and winding force of nature. The
    increasing fire will create more fire. It will eventually upset O2 to CO2
    ratio. Life then will wither like leaves. Earth reaction causes
    flood/snows, earth quakes and volcanic eruptions. Inducing ice age. These
    documentaries below speak a future. The article end of them gives hope for
    the world provided we awaken quickly to take guard of earth.
    Earth Under Water – Worldwide Flooding | Sea Level Rise (SLR)
    Global Warming or a New Ice Age: Documentary Film – Global Warming or a New
    Ice Age: Documentary Film

  2. What is important is to realize is that the principle cause exist in
    upsetting energy to matter ratio in favor of energy which lead to huge fire
    and destruction of forest. Earth react to this unwinding by heat by winding
    leading to increased flash flood/snows, earthquake and volcanic eruptions.
    All this would upset O2 to CO2 ratio and life would wither like fish in a
    pond with no oxygen

  3. I think time to study how to build cities under sea water become more and
    more imporant! At least for future generation, they will have homes to live
    and stay ~

  4. The Lord Jesus will return to Earth one day! The Risen Saviour, who died on
    a cross to save all of humanity from the penalty of sin will return to
    reclaim his own children who have accepted him as their Lord and saviour.
    He will rapture (take up into the air to meet him along with others who
    died believing in him) everyone who lived believing in him.

  5. could a robotic factory that makes ice be built in the coldest place on
    earth ? can people start putting up water tanks to keep sea levels normal ?
    what about under ground tanks ? if you put large amounts of water in hot
    deserts ?, would that keep the earth cooler ?

  6. so what about a million years ago when the earth obviously heated up.
    people werent on earth then. every planet in the solar system are heating
    up also…..

  7. I have an idea…
    rather than building walls around every country and spending over 500b
    dollars. why not go build perfect thick walls around antartica it self,
    this will also prevent us from wasting that amount of cash, obviously if we
    are close to the antartica and if we are building the walls close by, we
    will be expecting very high walls of ice. making a wall behind another wall
    and behind another, would not be a bad idea i mean think about it. of
    course if we build long and straight walls no matter how many there is they
    will fall, so instead making 20 – 45* degrees slanted walls which are
    looking towards the melting ice will make it more stable and by adding long
    rods of steel in between each wall that acts like arms that keep the walls
    together and in the same place *force pushing force*. and yes the first
    wall cannot be a slanted wall of course so making a cylindrical wall at
    first and making a slanted wall behind it plus using steel rods will keep
    it in place far longer. this way we will have time *trying* to freeze the
    ice too.

    i know this is not perfect but from one idea, many other ideas emerges. =)

  8. This movie is stupid. A hundred of years of growing sea level is like at
    least 3 to 4 generations. People can adapt quickly so there is no problem
    to move all the main city services towards inland. Think about changes in
    Detroit. How quickly the city grew and how it felt down. There will be no
    revolution but evolution. Revolution happends within a year not within a
    century. The whole material is pointed to threat spectators and prepare to
    spend a lot of public money for infrastructure, which is not needed. Is it
    booked by “environmental protectors”, who makes a huge amount of money on
    CO2 quotas.

  9. This is some scary stuff. But if you think about it, most people today will
    either be dead or elderly in the year 2100, so I don’t think there is much
    to worry about for our generation.

  10. IF anyone cares, seas started rising about 20,000 years ago. And much
    faster than today. SO relaxxxxx…. It’s NOT new.

  11. Apparently many planets in the Universe have gone through this. From
    ‘Natures and Natural Disasters”, a teaching of the New Message: “eventually
    humanity will have to outgrow its adolescent emphasis on growth and to
    focus on stability and security as its primary focus. This is what all the
    races in the Universe evolve to do. They go through their stages of growth,
    which usually leads to a kind of overreaching of their resources, sometimes
    even to destroy civilizations. But eventually they have to determine how
    they are going to be stable within their environment.”

  12. Why does it matter? We’re all gonna be gone by the time this happens. So
    why even watch or worry about this?!?

  13. Do the simple math. Some sects of pagan belief they are above the laws of
    nature with no respect for the rest of us not sharing the same barbaric
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  14. You may not be around anymore but you children and your grandchildren will.
    It seems incredibly selfish of us to let them inherent this problem we

  15. I think we don’t have long left.
    USA gets lots of snow and freezing.
    UK are being flooded and it is too warm for snow.
    Is this the end?

  16. Apart from loosing vast areas of food producing land, sea rise wont be the
    end of the world and the human population is in dire need of thinning out.
    However, I haven’t been able to find any reasonably firm information on
    methane clathrates, the unknown factor that could render the planet
    uninhabitable by the vast majority of species and make all this optimistic
    talk of being able to adapt to sea rise a complete fantasy.

  17. Things that are not mentioned as money seems to be generated above all
    else, ignorance is not bliss, try going up another 800 feet above sea
    level, yea sure you have sea level rise couple feet not a big deal, you
    have weather changes right now loss of under water thermo flows changes in
    jet streams, someone mentioned plate movement, also an ice cube in a glass
    of water, well plates can flex what’s under the plates magma, water is
    pressure, are the worlds volcano’s coming to life “yes”. magma is being
    pushed from the plates under the ocean, also you have land stretch weak geo
    spots around coastal areas, were seeing islands sinking, coastal areas
    sinking, plates can go up and also they can snap break off, so the ice cube
    in the glass has no relevance, where’s Atlantis located under the ocean
    entire ancient cities went under in tact the plate they were on went down,
    some plates went up, like Göbekli Tepe is an actual sea port or use to be
    now sits 1200 feet above sea level, sand is the marker of glacier movement
    and grinding of rock. Why-> post glacier rebound, what currently melting->
    glacier ice the land will rise and land will fall. What’s water attracted
    to “salt” where is salt located fault lines in those big salt domes they
    been carving out filling them with oil and gasses and old radiation stock
    piles or they run under cities towns across major infrastructure. Magma and
    water are volatile once the salt is gone and starts getting into the faults
    You have since 2000 the beginning of high warm periods approx 200+ gigatons
    of ice melt, gigaton is a billion units, that’s a lot of water since water
    never leaves this planet where else does the excess water also go?
    “weather” it goes into the weather what type of storms are we seeing “super
    storms” they better add a few notches to gauges of storms, now that the
    cycle of weather is off your going to see mega storms being produced what’s
    on the coastal areas, would that be nuclear reactors just like Japan!! 150
    mile dead zone. Earth quakes, sink holes lots of them too!
    Don’t worry just a couple of feet of water

  18. As some LongDong wisely says below, it was warmer 130,000 years ago than it
    is now and warmer just a few million years ago than it’ll be in 2100, and
    none of the major cities were inconvenienced at that time, office work
    proceeded per normal. And there was nature too, lots of nature.

  19. Why do people think that they are somehow important to the Planet, and the Universe? All of this is a crisis for humanity, and we’ve had a good run, so what’s to complain about? Eventually the sands of time will erase all we know, or think we know, and people will be no more…. So if disagreeing and arguing is what it finally comes of the effort to extend and improve our environment, then we’re no brighter than any other helpless spicies on Earth, and we’ll deserve whatever we get.

  20. We as humans will have to find a way to evolve through this. Only because the lack of understand what you are not told not to do.. The result Nature evolving faster than expected. Science does have a need to lie about facts, especially if you are looking at it each and every day.

    It is just sad the individuals in society who have to pay for the idiots mistakes due to greed.

  21. I hate these stupid programs. The elephant is in the living room and they
    pretend “what elephant?” Gee, do you think the fact that there are 7.2 out
    of control human beings on this planet might have something to do with it?
    Huh, do ya?

  22. Why is it that my beach front property has the same water line as it did
    20+ years ago? We have not had to add or delete any of our pier. The water
    marks are still the same.
    If this is so, then why can’t I see the difference?
    Very simple, IT IS NOT CHANGING!!!!!
    I allow mother nature to take care of my sandy beach. She takes sand away,
    she brings sand back. A storm takes it out and the tides bring it back.
    Global warming is a hoax in all was.
    We humans can NEVER produce as much pollution as any 1 volcano in a million

  23. LOL the guy just let the cat out of the bag when talking about San Fran.
    The whole GW thing is about that. Scare the masses into thinking they will
    drown if they don’t spend billions on walls to stop the water so they don’t
    Scare tactics at best.

  24. How do you convince someone that they are “doing something wrong” and get
    them… to change? to take notice? to consider? to look at the data? To
    Acknowledge that… a problem exists, the data or information surrounding
    the concept is legitimate & or truthful, and decide to take action
    for a healthy outcome. ?

    The majority of us cannot create a Documentary style argument for every
    problem that comes along, discuss at the kitchen table(so to speak), and
    come to an agreement to affect a change because…

    The majority of us don’t have the time needed to affectively judge incoming
    information to be truthful, agree to what is morally right, and to
    ultimately contribute to an agreed solution. The majority of us are
    trapped. Trapped in the meaning that The majority of us are forced to spend
    our time working to survive while many of the Rich & powerful scheme to
    keep The majority of us working to survive without having the time needed
    to Judge their intentions and do the right thing should they be judged as
    doing something wrong and unhealthy.

    So where does this leave us?

    I don’t have all the answers because I don’t have the time to investigate
    so please debate, communicate effectively, consider the big picture, and
    make changes for the better. For If someone refuses to engage then what can
    you do.?

  25. Assuming future ocean Ph isn’t too acidic for coral reef formation, Florida
    will make wonderful reefs for diving…

  26. The way things are going global warming is going to be the least of our
    worries or should I say the worry for but a few if governments don’t get
    off their war mongering nature.

  27. We have to start making some major decisions….its pay back to what we did
    to the earth. But , instead of building walls , we need to get rid of gas
    cars and do something about the smoke into the air. We need to use earths
    natural resources instead of us building stuff, we need to chill from the
    building and other stuff. NATURAL FOR A WHILE

  28. Well, cold water, cold lands, nuclear war, chemical diseases, and the
    worst… the wickedness of the humans… Well… Hell on earth…

  29. Some “John Luke Horan” here claims that “An icecube in a glass of water
    does not make the water go up” so I confidently filled my glass to the brim
    and dropped a slab of ice the snowplough made yesterday into it. The glass
    smashed and the water ruined my only copy of Justin Bieber’s latest hit. I
    want compensation and a new glass because I’ve nothing now to put my “fruit
    juice” with celery stalk in which I drink in huge quantities before
    responding to the absolutely exquisite pearls of wisdom that fairly drip
    from the rest of you.

  30. Apparently many planets in the Universe have gone through this. I warned
    them about this when I used to live on Draxos 9, the only planet to have
    invented underarm deodorants before the wheel.

  31. Apparently many planets in the Universe have gone through this. I warned
    them about this when I used to live on Draxos 9, the only planet to have
    invented underarm deodorants before the wheel.

  32. should build a giant blanket and machines to make it hover over the arctic.
    blocking the sunlight. we got a hot air balloon going high up there, to the
    stratosphere i think. so its possible. sounds insanely stupid though. but
    its time we go futuristic.

  33. Holy Christ! Something has to be done to help prevent Sea level rise around
    the world. This could have devastating effects for everyone.
    We need to work together & join forces, before it’s too late.
    May God help us all!!!

  34. Gore is a liar. Yes CO2 and temp are related. BUT is is increasing temps
    that CAUSE more CO2 to be released in to the atmosphere not the other way
    around. Solar activity increases then the earth warms then the oceans
    produce more CO2 AND more plants grow and die and create more CO2 and more
    animals thrive and produce more CO2. Humans are responsible for less than
    3% of atmospheric CO2 , Volcanos, animals dying, plants decaying, living
    animals and plants together don’t come close to the amount of CO2 produced
    by the oceans.
    The Sun causes global warming thru a normal billions year old process.

  35. I just sold my house, now I’m going to go buy a nice, modest size sail boat.
    There are plenty of fish in the sea so I’m not going to starve. I built a
    solar oven too so I don’t have to eat sushi… can’t stand that discusting
    stuff… but watch out Moby Dick, I’m comming for you…

  36. All i can say is that Earth has a way of balancing it self out so no matter
    what we do the Earth shall find a way to fix it, either it be an ice age or
    any other weather phenomena. Our species might not survive, but the Earth
    will. i believe that the only thing strong enough to kill our Earth its
    for it to be eaten by the sun.

  37. Much coastal wetland has been lost due to development. The land is filled
    in and then an airport is built or a line of tourist hotels. Sea level rise
    will create a lot of wetland…a natural reclamation project. Animals such
    as birds and fish will again have breeding grounds. This is a good thing.

  38. According to Wikipedia, sea level is rising at a rate of 3 mm per year. If
    this continued, the sea would rise 300 mm in the next 100 years. That’s
    about one foot.
    According to National Geographic, sea level has risen 4 to 8 inches over
    the last hundred years. But in the past twenty years sea level has risen
    0.13 in. per year. That would be 13 inches in 100 years…about one foot.
    ONE FOOT in the next 100 YEARS.

  39. To be honest, a rising sea level is the least of our problems if all the
    ice in the Arctic melts–even more deadly will be the thawing of all the
    methane (thousands of gigatons) under that ice–that will trigger a
    positive feed back loop that when last such a thing occurred, over 95 % of
    species on earth were destroyed. Methane is deadly when released, acting
    like cyanide gas, but also that which escapes also capable of massive
    explosions and that which reaches the atmosphere able to acceletate global
    warming exponentially.

    Once triggered, the best scientists estimate the world extinction would be
    in about 20-40 years, tops–so all this talk about future cities is just as
    bad as people left on the Titanic after all the lifeboats had gone,
    discussing what they planned to do when they made it back to NYC. Not
    gonna happen.

  40. WHAT SEA LEVEL RISE! I just come back from Nova Scotia, the sea was right
    were it was the last time I went…The sea ain’t rising its the sky is
    falling…Dumb ass’s

  41. Why don’t they spend the money for go green action and make the earth
    colder? If the earth colder, it means sea level won’t rise..

  42. So, in 2004 I checked the rate of sea level rise on the way back machine.
    It shows 2.8mm/yr. plus/minus 0.4mm.
    2014 I checked the modern data. It’s still rising in a linear fashion but
    it says 3.2mm/yr. plus/minus 0.4mm.
    They have altered the past data to show a steeper gain.

    Al Gore made his millions on this lie then bought his beach front property
    exactly where he says will go under water in SF bay.

    Back in the 80’s James Hansen said parts of NY will be under water in 20
    years. The extra summer heat will create crime waves and everyone will need
    water bringing in bottles.

    You get my drift?

  43. Sea levels have risen and fallen countless times before, but, THIS TIME
    IT”S BECAUSE OF HUMANS! Give me a fucking break! You chicken little types
    are so gullible. Get off al gore’s tit and try a little deductive
    reasoning with a sprinkle of common sense.

  44. Many deadly problems associated with global warming are not even being
    considered here. Major crop failure all around the world, toxic polluted
    water from flooded sewage systems and rotting dead animals, many extremely
    powerful tornados and hurricanes that come much farther inland, People
    dying of heat stroke and people killing over drinking (clean) water
    supplies. Global human population may never go over 9 billion and may drop
    to less than 4 billion within 80 years. I won’t be around to be 130 years
    old and it’s very sad to see what’s already happened to the rain forests.

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