Kevin Anderson ‘Rhetoric to Reality’

Kevin Anderson presenting his talk ‘From Rhetoric to Reality – Facing the Challenges of Climate Change’, at the EcoCities conference at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

The state of the climate and national security

The release of huge quantities of previously stored “multiyear/deep layer” carbon deposite and equivalent greenhouse gases (CO2/CH4/N2O, from soil and water) can act like a

Antarctic Ice Shelves Melt Mostly From Below

New research has revealed that ice shelves in Antarctica are primarily melting from below due to warm ocean waters, rather than by dramatic iceberg breaks. Scientists believe that this phenomenon is causing a much faster and larger rate of melting than previously anticipated. As ice shelves lose mass, they speed up the flow of land-bound glaciers that feed them, moving ice from the continent to the ocean and contributing to global sea level rise.

How Hot will it Get?

The latest projections about the extent of planetary warming and the dire consequences of our growing carbon imbalance. Series: “Science at the Theater” [Science] A