Extreme Ice (2009)

National Geographic Extreme Ice: In the extreme, ice-bound regions of the earth, something unprecedented is happening. Everywhere, glaciers and ice sheets have begun breaking apart, and accelerating towards the oceans at alarming speeds.

IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1393566

World’s Changing Glaciers “Chasing Ice” (2012)

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  1. iam most positive that if mother nature wants to get rid of us she is doing
    her best to get rid of us

  2. Yes, scientists are lining their pockets, while oil companies are barely
    making a living… (sarcasm). Global warming has not been “debunked” either.

  3. Why don’t they do a video on Medieval Warming period? oic…doesn’t fit the
    AGENDA.. What about the Medvezhiy glacier in Tajikistan that advances 10 ft
    a DAY? Big tenured science chaces big salaries/govm’t grants, What about
    sun spots? ITS A BIG FRICKEN’ SCAM!

  4. Thousands of the worlds smartest people with Phds, who are experts in the
    field of climatology, come to one conclusion, which is supported by
    billions of data points and all the evidence. But you, an expert in
    nothing, who is clearly completely ignorant of the science and the field of
    climatology in general, are smarter than them? Do you know how stupid you
    sound? It’s pathetic. News flash: Debate is long past over, global warming
    is real, happening, and well understood. You sir, are a moron.

  5. Apparently you didn’t get the memo. When will the cattle realize that you
    can’t trust the media? It has been debunked all along. They;re hand feeding
    narrow minds just the bits they want believed and you’re believing them.
    The fact is there is nothing unusual about spikes. not even this one.
    They’ve been recorded for centuries. The whole thing is a scam to bilk
    governments for billions and it mostly worked. Dependable American
    ignorance. A powerful tool for the ruthless. 1stTry research BIGMOUTH

  6. A great way to gauge how ice is – before tritium from nuclear fallout tells
    you how old ice is.

  7. Here is another video that shows the actual situation with the Ice caps.
    The melting is happening faster and in different ways then people
    previously thought. Watch this awesome video.

  8. the only way people are willing to change their behaviors is when change
    comes directly to their front doorstep. Only when man is staring face to
    face with change does necessity kick in. Whatever our relationship with
    change, it is certain reality that we will be dealing with our man made
    mistakes in this millenium. I wish there were a mandate stating that all
    children be educated to these issues, but….

  9. I have researched, including visiting some glaciers!! YOU study harder
    man!! Its happening, the tipping point has been reached, its all going to
    go, and if you call a 60 meter sea level rise, and all it entails, a
    “spike”,lol. I”d hate to see what YOU think is REAL trouble,lol

  10. I’m not saying the climate isn’t changing. But it’s nature as in sun,
    volcano’s! All I’m saying is it’s nothing new and minuscule to do with
    pollution. They were caught red handed, filtering out data that didn’t
    support their skewed, political agenda’s designed to dissolve our
    sovereignty as a nation and somehow pay politicians, etc. And that almost
    happened at a foreign summit Obama attended years ago. But it was
    circumvented by leaked, incriminating emails proving it was a literal

  11. Mate, its got EVERYTHING to do with OUR actions!!! Normal climate
    variations are one thing. This is entirely different!! When the north pole
    is disappearing rapidly, and huge chunks of ice are breaking off the south
    pole, greenlands glaciers are going fast. This is NOT normal climatic
    variations:/ WAKE UP!!!

  12. The fact is you and more importantly the so called experts have absolutely
    no proof whatever that we have any influence whatever on the so called
    global warming.As i have said in another post the world has changed
    massively counless times and not once were their humans on the planet.That
    says it all and actually its you and your ilk who need educating as you
    really are living in fantasy land.

  13. I know what’s happening, CAPTAIN CAPITAL! The point is, there were
    political reasons to push “global warming”. We aren’t what caused the polar
    caps to melt. It’s a cyclical phenomenon the sun goes through every 75
    years or whatever it was. They were caught red handed covering up the fact
    that this spike isn’t any different then the ones occurring for the past
    500 years. How many cars you drive, light bulbs you use, etc, none of that
    makes any difference. We were lied to. What’s new.

  14. Man, you really need an education, but fat chance of that in the hole you
    live in,lol. EVER been to the north pole, Iceland. Greenland? The
    Antarctic??? NO, i thought so:/ I HAVE:/ Ever studied climate science at
    enough capitals for ya moron,lol

  15. Yes ice melt/growth is cyclical. BUT, modern man is a new global variable
    that is exacerbating the melt phase. It is ignorant to assume man lives in
    a magical bubble and has zero effect upon the environment/globe. We have
    drastically altered this planet on so many levels, some positive, some
    negative. The question is what will the consequences be? We know massive
    species die off for one.

  16. Not good people wake up but it may already be to late. Our only hope then
    is our God in the end he is our hope. So sad for them who may have to deal
    with no snow and ice so many floods blisters on people plants can’t grow
    Sky’s as highways don’t pay in the end. Go green do your part if not we may
    all have to at the same time when it gets to bad. We need to find clean
    ways to travel from here to there don’t be to proud to take a buss in the
    end you will feel better.

  17. Reading the comments of chaps below and thinking over other remarks from

  18. I still would like to know where the exact locations of the arctic poles
    were during the time when Ancient Egypt had plentiful rain.

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