Amory Lovins: Natural Gas is worse than Coal

In this July 2017 interview with CarbonBrief, Amory Lovins talks about gas plants, nuclear, and about Germany’s Energiewende. Read the interview summary at

Watch the 1st Company to Capture CO2 from Air

Climeworks, the swiss company hoping to capture 1% of global CO2 emissions by 2025 Carbon Brief: A plant that captures CO2 directly from the

China Extracts Ocean Methane Hydrates China claims breakthrough in mining ‘flammable ice’ (2017) Methane hydrate: Dirty fuel or energy saviour? (2014) China extracts 235,000 cubic meters of

Warlike Climate Mobilization

The Climate Mobilization Victory Plan, written by Ezra Silk, is a policy document that tangibly demonstrates how the U.S. could eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions

The Article from 1912 predicting Climate Change due to Coal burning

A 1912 news article ominously forecasted the catastrophic effects of fossil fuels on climate change Goal Consumption Affecting Climate Popular Mechanics 1912