Can Trump’s Hideout Mar-a-Lago Survive Irma? Twin megastorms have scientists fearing this may be the new normal Destructive force of Irma and Harvey has Trump expressing awe, but those in

Warlike Climate Mobilization

The Climate Mobilization Victory Plan, written by Ezra Silk, is a policy document that tangibly demonstrates how the U.S. could eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions

Florida plans to abandon Property to the Sea

One idea likely to be both controversial and expensive: demolishing properties and returning developed areas back to nature.

Climate action

Climate action describes various efforts to prevent what is considered dangerous climate change. See also: Politics of global warming Agriculture See also: Climate change and

Tesla “Not A Dream”

A surreal land of oil & gas is visited by an unlikely yet welcomed stranger. Director, Story, VFX, Edit, Sound: Freise BrothersCinematographer: Christian Evans, Freise