How Fossil Fuels Will Be Remembered

Fossil fuels haven’t been a leading source of energy for […]

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Jane Marsh

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February 24, 2022

Fossil fuels haven’t been a leading source of energy for long. Within the past 200 years, humanity has become reliant on it as a fuel source, especially for getting from place to place. While these fossil fuels can be convenient, they’re also limited and will eventually run out. Before humanity loses fossil fuels entirely, they need to bridge the gap with renewable energy. Once society has made the switch, looking back

Why Do We Use Fossil Fuels?

People use fossil fuels for a variety of reasons, but it all boils down to one main answer: they’re convenient. Gasoline-fueled cars have become so integrated into society that most people don’t live close enough to transportation, so saving on carbon emissions isn’t possible for them. Luckily, with electric vehicles becoming more common, people may make the transition before fossil fuels run out.

Fossil fuels are typically used for transportation — not just to get people from place to place but also to transport goods and forms of communication. Many homes also use gas as a form of heating, but it’s not the only way to keep a house warm. Despite its wide use today, fossil fuels will become less and less vital as time goes on.

Top 3 Ways the Fossil Fuel Industry Will Be Remembered

The fossil fuel industry likely won’t be remembered fondly by anyone in the future. With alternative sources of energy on the horizon or already implemented, humanity will look back on the use of fossil fuels as a mistake and wonder why they didn’t make the change to renewable energy long ago.  The fossil fuel industry will live in infamy for many reasons, but these three are the darkest stain on the industry and won’t be forgotten too soon.

1. As Pollutants

When someone hears the phrase “fossil fuels,” they may first think of their impact on climate change, whether they believe it or not. Fossil fuels have been so intertwined with climate change over the years that it will be impossible for people to think of them as anything other than pollutants in the future. The atmosphere and the world’s water have suffered due to this pollution, and there may not be a way to reverse it — only change what society does moving forward.

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2. As an Outdated Power Source

Fossil fuels aren’t the only power sources that people can rely on, both on a large scale and in their homes. In recent years, the prices of solar panels have dropped nearly 50%, making them an excellent investment for new homeowners who are looking for a change.

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Another type of heating called geothermal heating is more sustainable in that it will never run out, unlike fossil fuels like gas. Implementing it into a home means added value for homeowners who may plan to sell their houses. Other power sources can be just as trustworthy and heat a home just as well.

3. As Dangerous Liars

Climate change is real and has been affecting the planet for years. For quite a while, the fossil fuel industry has attempted to downplay the effects of fossil fuels on the atmosphere in hopes of promoting their growth. The fossil fuel industry has sought to block any legislation that would have limited their sales and fought against climate change.

Because of years of this rhetoric, most people have a limited idea of how dangerous fossil fuels are to the atmosphere, as well as the severity of the impact they have had on the environment. Lies of this kind might be why people don’t take climate change words of warning seriously.

A Future Without Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels won’t be around forever. They’re a limited resource and, like many things, will eventually run out. When that day comes, society will hopefully have already transitioned to renewable energy sources and will look back on fossil fuel usage as a lesson to learn from. In the end, renewable energy will be well worth a potentially tricky switch.

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