Climate Change Denial made by Frank Luntz

Excerpt from BBC documentary – Earth: The Climate Wars from 2009 with Dr Iain Stewart. Scope: Trace the history of climate change.

Watch it here
Frank Luntz in the Denial Machine (CBC – Fifth Estate)

Bush climate speech follows Luntz playbook: “Technology, technology, blah, blah, blah.”

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NASA: Arctic Ocean Currents Changed

The transpolar drift (purple arrows) is a dominant circulation feature in the Arctic Ocean that carries freshwater runoff (red arrows) from rivers in Russia across the North Pole and south towards Greenland. Under changing atmospheric conditions, emergent circulation patterns (blue arrows) drive freshwater runoff east towards Canada, resulting in freshening of Arctic water in the…

The Secret of El Dorado (The discovery of Biochar)

The Secret of El Dorado – programme summary In 1542, the Spanish Conquistador, Francisco de Orellana ventured along the Rio Negro, one of the Amazon Basin’s great rivers. Hunting a hidden city of gold, his expedition found a network of farms, villages and even huge walled cities. At least that is what he told an…

Runaway Climate – Extreme Greenhouse Effect

Publications by James E. Hansen, his latest book is: Storms of My Grandchildren: The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity. Runaway climate change Runaway climate change describes a scenario in which the climate system passes a threshold or tipping point, after which internal positive feedback effects cause the climate to continue changing, even…

Global Warming changes the Jet Stream, cause of more Extreme Weather

See Part One here YouTube One of the most confusing effects of climate change is the increasing incidence of weather extremes, that may include hot, AND cold, snow and rain, wet and dry, drought and flood. Scientists have been examining this problem intensely over recent years, as Europe, America, and Asia have all been subject…