Melting Point Greenland (2012)

2013 National Headliners Award First Prize Environmental Reporting HD 42 minsIn the summer of 2012, one of the most vital ecosystems on earth, the Greenland

The Science of the Polar Vortex and Jet Stream

At least since around 2001 we have study papers connecting the polar vortex / jet stream behavior to anomalies, such as cold weather outbreaks or precipitation changes. The polar

Polar Vortex, Jet Stream and Climate Change

Current coverage of polar vortex intrusion. ‘Polar vortex’ could send wind chill to 65 below zero in Midwest Carson Walker: Temperature records will likely be

Extensive ice in Antarctica

Released by National Snow and Ice Data Center | Access date January 4, 2013. While it is early winter in the Arctic, it is early summer

Lou Dobbs (FOX News) and Climate Scientist Ken Caldeira

What’s happening with climate change?Climate scientist Ken Caldeira on what’s really going on with climate change and record temperatures. Release URL

USGS: Climate-Hydrate Interactions

The U.S. Geological Survey Gas Hydrates Project Release URL | Access date: January 3rd 2014. Climate studies in the USGS Gas Hydrates Project have become