New Innovations in Energy Development

Although numerous states, and even the federal government, have offered initiatives to provide grants or tax breaks to those installing renewable energy sources in their

The EV Revolution

People used to buy electric cars to help save the planet.Now they buy electric cars, because they are the best, most fun, and coolest rides

The invention of solar power (1954)

Frank Capra directed (from 1952–1956), the famous Bell Telephone Science Hour specials from the 1950s. The series highlighted the then-emerging research on climate change, and

Jimmy Stewart on Solar Energy: 1938

Peter Sinclair, found an interesting clip on the topic of solar energy, back from 1938. The clip is from “You Can’t Take it With You“,

Energiewende: Birthing the Solar Age (2014)

Published on Jun 29, 2014: A powerful message on the “truly disruptive” nature of solar energy technologies and the profound changes they portent for energy