Jimmy Stewart on Solar Energy: 1938

Peter Sinclair, found an interesting clip on the topic of […]

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July 12, 2014

Peter Sinclair, found an interesting clip on the topic of solar energy, back from 1938. The clip is from “You Can’t Take it With You“, directed by Frank Capra.

Sinclair, added: This forgotten bit of americana, proving once again how a dream of distributed, free, energy from the sun has fascinated generations of idealists and dreamers.

The visionary Capra was also the director of the famous Bell Telephone Science Hour specials from the 1950s, which were ahead of their time in highlighting the then-emerging research on climate change, as well as the birth of solar energy technology, and what it all meant – below the fold.

The film You Can’t Take It with You, has the IMDB rating of 8.0, and Rotten Tomatoes wrote:

It’s predictably uplifting fare from Frank Capra, perhaps the most consciously uplifting of all great American directors — but thanks to immensely appealing performances and a nimble script, You Can’t Take It With You is hard not to love.

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