Scott Morrison brings a chunk of coal into parliament

Australia’s plan to build Dozens of new Coal mines

Australia actually plans to expand their coal mining operations considerably in the new few years. Despite calls to phase out coal in order to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

The Guardian: The report, titled Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector, comes as the prime minister, Scott Morrison, backs a “gas-fired recovery” from the coronavirus pandemic, and federal and state Coalition and Labor politicians continue to back the expansion of coal mines and gas fields.

The Morrison government announced on Tuesday night it would spend $600m on a new gas-fired power plant in New South Wales despite the head of the Energy Security Board, Kerry Schott, warning it made little commercial sense.

Here is a list of proposed coal projects around Australia, and their estimated emissions – obviously incompatible with climate goals, our efforts to limit global warming below 2C in temperature rise.

And the linked greenhouse gas emissions look as one would expect.

In 2017 the Conversation cited Australia’s Treasurer Scott Morrison, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be scared, it won’t hurt you. It’s coal,” while he taunted the Opposition with a piece of coal in his hand (see teaser image above), attempting to ridicule its commitment to renewable energy.

In April 2021 the Australian government said that superannuation funds should support new coal projects. In May 2021 FT pointed out that even as demand falls, Australia’s federal and state governments are pumping billions into the polluting fossil fuel industry.


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