What the BBC does not want you to know

Recently i posted about the zero tolerance stance of the BBC when it comes to important educational climate science How the BBC fights science and supports climate denial. Now the BBC went farther and blocked a video i’ve posted to our YouTube channel back in 2012 about a possible climate change solution, about Biochar.


It is unclear why the BBC blocks a video which was available for 4 years, it had a view count of 90.000. All this time it was monetized by an entity for a few seconds segment of music, used in the video. Maybe it was detected by an automatic process, after a recent video update. Thus, the video might have been detected and flagged automatically, and subsequently been blocked.

I strongly believe that climate science knowledge and especially solutions to mitigate dangerous climate change should be freely available, might as well be covered under a free to use license, depending on your country of origin. But a worldwide block of this video means that the odds of sharing wisdom surrounding biochar are now less. I wouldn’t mind if the BBC would monetize the video, or post it to their channels. But this is not the case either. Why?

Biochar has been estimated to help draw down carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere

BECCS technologies, which includes biochar were estimated as follows, per Wikipedia updates from a few years ago.

It was pointed out in the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as a key technology for reaching low carbon dioxide atmospheric concentration targets.[8] The negative emissions that can be produced by BECCS has been estimated by the Royal Society to be equivalent to a 50 to 150 ppm decrease in global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations[9] and according to the International Energy Agency, the BLUE map climate change mitigation scenario calls for more than 2gigatonnes of negative CO2 emissions per year with BECCS in 2050.[10] According to Stanford University, 10 gigatonnes is achievable by this date.

Since i am not a UK citizen my outreach to protest the blocking of key information is limited. Maybe this post here can help to alert some officials to change the BBC’s copyright fails. Future UK generations and elsewhere around the globe will be thankful.

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    • Thanks for the suggestion Asteroid Miner, earlier i tried to reach out to the BBC myself, but all you get is a text book style response from support. Even that was a task, since the BBC contact is tricky.

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