Glaciers and Global Warming

Nov 21, 2012: Ice shelves that have lived for more than 10,000 years are disintegrating rapidly — in 6 weeks or less. U-M professor Jeremy

Flash Flooding, Hurricane Force Gusts in Mexico – July 2013

Heavy downpours cause flooding in Scotland Downpours cause flash floods in the UK Heavy Rains Flood Homes, Roads in NC Flooding of

Specific heat capacity explained

Uploaded on YouTube Feb 27, 2010 1) Learn about the difference between heat and temperature 2) Be able to calculate the amount of energy that

Greenland Ice Sheet: “Starting to Slip”

Jul 29, 2013: Research scientists provide insights on recent ‘unprecedented’ melting of Greenland’s interior ice sheet. Latest video for The Yale Forum on Climate Change

Subglacial Lakes

By Bethan Davies / Introduction | Radio echo sounding | Satellite altimetry: elevation changes | Effects of active lakes on ice dynamics | Drilling