Catalonia’s reservoirs are drying up

Spain is facing a historic heat wave while grappling with a 36-month drought, leaving water reservoirs near Barcelona at only 7% capacity. Catalonia received just

Study: Ice mass loss sensitivity to the Antarctic ice sheet basal thermal state

Accurate predictions of ice mass loss from Antarctica are crucial for sea-level rise projections. This study investigates the impact of warmer basal temperatures on Antarctic ice sheet mass balance using numerical modeling. Results show that even a small increase in basal warming could lead to increased mass loss and the destabilization of previously frozen areas.

Heatwave in Spain sets new Temperature Record for April

Spain has experienced its hottest ever temperature for April, with a temperature of 38.8C recorded on the 27th. A heatwave, driven by hot African air and a slow moving weather system, has hit the country, reaching temperatures 10-15C above average for April. Experts have described the heat as extreme, with some locations experiencing record temperatures that have never been seen before in April. Climate change is likely playing a role in the heatwave, with the likelihood of forest fires increasing. The ongoing drought in many parts of Spain is also affecting agriculture, with farmers experiencing difficulties due to the lack of rain. The heatwave is not an isolated event, with many countries across the world experiencing record-breaking temperatures in the first few months of this year.

WMO: The State of the Global Climate 2022

The World Meteorological Organization has released its annual report on the global climate for 2022, revealing record-breaking heat, melting glaciers, and rising sea levels. The report also highlights the impact of extreme weather events on populations worldwide and the urgent need for improved early warning systems. Read on for more information.

Global Warming by Latitude Zone (1880-2022)

Discover the non-uniformity of global warming through this informative visualization! See how temperature changes vary across latitudes since 1880. Learn how the Arctic is warming at an alarming rate compared to other regions on Earth. Explore temperature anomalies based on NASA data relative to a base period of 1951 to 1980. Watch now at

Are EVs really better for the climate?

Electric vehicles are rapidly growing in popularity as the number of different options has increased dramatically over the last couple of years and prices are