Jet Stream [Polar Vortex] and Climate Change Science

It might seem counterintuitive, but global warming plays a role in blasts of bitter cold weather. The reason: It influences the jet stream. Here’s how. Q&A: How is Arctic warming linked to the ‘polar vortex’ and other extreme weather?

Virtual Climate Change Lecture [CS – Space Alpha]

Demonstration of a virtual climate lecture. Watch the full lecture at This footage is an early implementation of a climate lecture, for the game Climate State, currently in development with Unreal Engine. For more updates, progress, and infos on the alpha test follow

Why YouTube’s AI failed in determining to demonetize the Climate State YT Channel

Above is the explanation from YouTube for demonetizing our channel, suggesting that we reuse content on our channel without permissions. However, we reuse frequently public domain content, or content where we were specifically asked to reuse (re-upload) it. Because we cover the YouTube niche climate science subject, the amount of footage and content is naturally…

YouTube demonetizes Climate State

Today we noticed that YouTube demonetized our channel, citing reused content guidelines. Monetization is required to run advertisements on a YouTube channel, the main source to finance our work. LINK TO PETITION We think this is a problem based on the algorithm of YouTube’s AI. We usually have permission to reuse content, alter it…

Get Used to Cold Polar Vortex Outbreaks

It might seem counterintuitive, but the dreaded polar vortex is bringing its icy grip to parts of the U.S. thanks to a sudden blast of warm air in the Arctic. Q&A: How is Arctic warming linked to the ‘polar vortex’ and other extreme weather?

Climate tipping-point potential and paradoxical production of methane in a changing ocean

Authors: Hongyue Dang, Jia Li Dang, H. & Li, J. Sci. China Earth Sci. (2018) 61: 1714. Access and read the PDF with inline linkages, and reference list here. Abstract The global warming potential of methane (CH4) is about 30 times stronger than that of carbon dioxide (CO2) over a century timescale. Methane emission is hypothesized…