How Individuals, Companies, and Local Government Can Deal with the Effects of Climate Change in a Practical Manner

The effects of global warming and climate change are only […]

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December 18, 2018

The effects of global warming and climate change are only just starting to become evident to the greater population. While some leaders are oblivious and in denial about the realities, the rest of us must see what we can do to reduce the progression of environmental damage and adjust to deal with the changes to come.

Here are several things that individuals, companies, and local government can do to arrest the progression of climate change and environmental damage.

Reduce Consumerist Cycle or Freecycle

The cycle of taking out raw materials from the earth to produce goods that later get dumped into landfills is costly to the environment. At the root of the problem is the desire to replace still functional items with amore modern version that looks prettier but has minimal, if any, additional utility compared to what was already owned.

One way to replace worn out items without damaging the environment is to use Free cycle. People and companies make free items available that they no longer use or have space for. Check on the Freecycle Network periodically to scan for items that you’re looking for. Make a list and check the relevant listings to pounce of useful items at no cost to you. Using this type of system saves money and reduces reliance on both unnecessary manufacturing and landfill usage.

Switch to Electric Cars or Hybrid Vehicles

The effect of burning fossil fuels releases damaging gases into the atmosphere.While gasoline-powered vehicles have gotten somewhat more efficient with regulated emissions lowered and limited, there is still ongoing damage. Also, the whole gasoline generating industry necessary to produce the vehicle fuel contributes to the problem too.

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Using a hybrid or fully electric vehicle is a far better option for the future of the planet. Electricity is generated in a far less toxic manner than gasoline. It can be generated by the sun and solar panels on a building hooked up to an inverter. The feel-good factor is not to be ignored either. Most people and companies prefer being greener if they have an affordable option to do so.

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Making Roads and Railways Safer

Materials for the construction of new railway lines and road infrastructure to support heavier traffic across multiple lane highways are costly. Making them more affordable and increasing their durability is the best option.

Maccaferri produces stabilization products that enable the track bed of the railway line and the road infrastructure to be made thinner which improving its strength. The use of geogrids made from glass fiber inside a road mesh grid reduces damage to asphalt and other road surfaces.

Their road mesh grid product for effective ground stabilization has numerous real-world applications including ground stabilisation in tunnelling works. Preventing the ground shifting due to vibrations from an excess of traffic in a tunnel avoids broken roads. This cuts the frequency of breakdowns within vital tunnel systems, which lowers overall traffic congestion.

There’s always more than we can do to minimize global warming and climate change. It’s up to each of us to do our part – we’re all in this together.

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