• Published On: July 11, 2023

    It has been seven days with global average temperatures clocked in as the hottest days in an estimated 120.000 years.

  • Published On: July 8, 2023

    The debate over a new heating law in Germany has sparked intense discussions. Learn about the interests and actors involved in this contentious issue.

  • Published On: July 4, 2023

    China's transition to renewable energy is ahead of schedule, with its renewable energy targets set to be smashed by 2025. Doubling of China's renewable energy capacity and increasing the world's solar installations by 85% and wind turbines by 50%.

  • Published On: July 3, 2023

    New Zealand leads the way in environmental sustainability by extending its supermarket plastic bag ban. Discover how this bold decision is paving the path to a greener future and inspiring other nations to take action.

  • Published On: June 29, 2023

    One of the key moments at the COP26 climate meeting in 2021 saw over 100 world leaders sign the Glasgow Declaration on forests, where they committed to work collectively to "halt and reverse forest loss and land degradation by 2030".

  • Published On: June 28, 2023

    The diplomatic talks in Bonn faced challenges over climate finance and the overall vision for COP28. Disagreements over funding and phasing out fossil fuels hindered progress.

  • Published On: June 25, 2023

    Heatwaves are wreaking havoc across the world causing record-breaking temperatures on land and in the ocean. In Texas, a heat dome has pushed the power grid to its limit, with no end in sight. Solar and battery storage are helping to prevent blackouts.

  • Published On: June 20, 2023

    The 2023 study ‘Ozone exposure disrupts insect sexual communication‘ found that […]