China: Flooding forces large scale evacuations

Published On: July 3, 2024

According to state media, nearly a quarter of a million people were evacuated in eastern China's Anhui province due to heavy rainstorms and swelling rivers, including the Yangtze, which has exceeded warning marks and continues to rise.


The storms have affected 991,000 residents, and forced evacuations of 242,000 people in 36 counties and districts, and pushing waters above alert levels in 20 rivers and six lakes.

Many weather stations in the affected regions recorded more than 100mm of rainfall in 24 hours. The provincial weather office issued disaster warnings and forecast more rain across swathes of Anhui province until Friday.

South China Morning Post: China’s longest river, the Yangtze, has burst its banks for the first time in 2024 as some regions report the most severe floods in 25 years. An unusually early and heavy rainy season hit southern China last month, and state media expect flooding to continue through July.


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