Super Typhoon Rammasun makes landfall in China (Update)

Video, David McKenzie (CNN) describes China’s preparations to deal with […]

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July 18, 2014

Video, David McKenzie (CNN) describes China’s preparations to deal with the enormous Typhoon Rammasun, and considered the strongest typhoon in 40 years, to target China.

Rammasun visible landfall satellite strongest typhoon in 40 years targets China
Rammasun visible satellite animation. The super typhoon is considered the strongest typhoon in 40 years to target China.

Jeff Masters: Deadly Typhoon Rammasun is located about 440NM NW of Manila heading towards the South China Island of Hainan (population of 9 million). Latest satellite imagery estimates indicate the central pressure is near 955mb, with Max sustained winds of 80Kts. Over the last 6 hours, both IR and water vapor imagery has shown a significant improvement in the convective banding structure and a clearing out of the eye – both indicative of re-intensification.

July 18, 2014
Typhoon Rammasun Hits South China Sea, Killing 55 And Injuring 100
Severe damage and casualties as Super Typhoon Rammasun pummels southern China
Wunderground: Super Typhoon Rammasun Makes Landfall – Next Up Tropical Storm Matmo

Record floods, submerged Fenghuang ancient town, Hunan province

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