Climate State is the leading climate change focused channel on YouTube, we host the most videos, have the largest subscriber base. There are only a few corporate funded channels with a larger audience. Compare our outreach to a YouTube entertainment channel with 250K subscribers.

Climate State gathers knowledge about the broad spectrum of climate change with the scope to help increase understanding and awareness about the growing threat of dangerous climate change since around 2010.

We want to encourage the fast paced deployment of solutions, i.e. carbon sequestration with Biochar, transitioning to a low carbon economy, fast deployment of electric vehicle transportation together with a robust smart energy grid,  and critically make polluters pay by taxing CO2.

Views expressed in content on this site or on social media are not necessarily the views by Climate State. Climate State endorses data, facts, empirical evidence, the peer-reviewed sciences.

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*Has been terminated in 2017.


Climate State launches Streaming website
In response to issues with YouTube’s content policy (context & announcement), we launch CLIMATE STATE USCREEN, a Netflix-style streaming platform.

Because of YouTube shutting down our channels entirely or in part from time to time we decided in 2017 to setup a BitChute channel. If you are missing a video always look here for a backup copy.

YouTube Climate State

Created another YouTube channel, where I planned to focus more on uploading my own productions. This channel is still online, the largest not corporated funded climate focus channel in the world today.

Climate State

Registered the domain, begun focusing on this very domain. Check out some of the Wayback Machine captures.

Climate Force

Because at first I experimented with the content scope of the domain, ie. setting up a MediaWiki with all of Wikipedia’s climate articles I created another blog called Climate Force, at the time Wikipedia articles were massively tempered with by climate deniers. The blog is still online, was used until 2013.

YouTube ClimateProgressWorld

Created ca 2011/2012 the YouTube channel ClimateProgressWorld. The channel has since been terminated in 2017, YouTube cited scam, spam and deceptive content. You can get an idea of the channel here.


Inspired by Joe Romm’s blog, decided to register the domain
Archive’s Wayback Machine has some ClimateProgress.Net screenshots.

Wunderground Blog

After following Hurriance Katrina making landfall I posted a couple of blog posts at Wunderground, covering climate change. The Wayback Machine has an overview here, the first blog was posted September 2005. Wunderground opened for user registrations back in 2004.