Chris Machens

Founder / Editor

Chris founded ClimateState in the end of 2011, he is responsible for the website and manages our YouTube channel.

Robert Bristow


I’m Bob Bristow and my home is Auckland, born in Germany, grew up in the U.K and spent some time in Hong Kong and the Middle East, as a system engineer, before settling down in New Zealand. I became interested in climate science after reading media articles from a local denier, and have taken several on-line courses, including courses from Professors David Archer, Richard Alley and Stefan Rahmstorf. I hope we can keep the global average temperature below a 2°C rise and limit and mitigate the damage our industrial revolution has already done.

ClimateState gathers knowledge about the broad spectrum of climate change and helps to increase understanding and awareness about the threat of dangerous (unchecked) climate change. The scope is to encourage the fast paced deployment of solutions, i.e. carbon sequestration with Biochar, transitioning to a low carbon economy, fast deployment of electric vehicle transportation, and taxing CO2.

Views expressed in content on this site or facebook are not necessarily the views by ClimateState. ClimateState endorses data, facts, empirical evidence, peer-reviewed science.

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