YouTube’s wrong Climate State termination

YouTube’s war on climate science reached a new high, terminating […]

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September 8, 2020

YouTube’s war on climate science reached a new high, terminating our 8 year old channel. The channel is no longer reachable, pointing instead to a 404 error page.

The YouTube staff sent us this email.

YouTube’s History of Removing Climate Science

YouTube started demonetizing our channel in January 2019, citing violations of reused content. Subsequently we removed over 900 videos from our channel, content we uploaded since 2012.

Most of the content we removed was posted with full rights to share to our audience, or was shared with YouTube’s own video sharing tool (discontinued in 2017).

Then the channel was monetized again, for about three months only, sometimes they disabled monetization even when we didn’t upload anything, or after we’ve uploaded our entirely own productions.

  • About 95 percent of our video content is produced by Climate State.
  • Content published with proper licenses.
  • Content with our edits, narrations, sounds and music, in compliances with copyright laws.

Still YouTube staff continuously demonetized us. Even with monetization it was difficult to produce content, it takes days or weeks, of carefully selecting content, getting permissions, research, and the editing.

Then YouTube changed their search and recommendations to primarily feature mainstream media and the largest channels only.

YouTube then closed our channel

After removing most of our channel videos, YouTube staff decided to shut us down – citing spam, scams or commercially deceptive content.

Even when our content was in complete compliance with their newly introduced “reused content” policy, even with content primarily produced by us in compliance with copyright laws, the YouTube staff shut us down.

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This is now the second channel YouTube terminated, overall we probably reached 20 million viewers around the globe, educating and alerting them about climate change.

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