China’s Water and Air pollution Crisis

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Published on Jan 13, 2014 Lately there's been a lot of talk about Chinese air pollution; smog so thick, you can barely see the streets of Beijing. But what you might not know is that China is facing a major water cri...


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Flooded Soil Science

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Repost from 2012:  Kate Scow - Professor of Soil Science and Microbial Ecology, UC Davis setup an excellent wiki entry about flooding on soils. Flooded soils occur with complete water saturation of soil pores, and ...

Ocean Heat Content

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Oceanic heat content (OHC) is the heat stored in the ocean. Oceanography and climatology are the science branches which study ocean heat content. The changes in the ocean heat play an important role in sea level rise,...

Climate Science in Action

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From researching the pace of Alaskan glacier melt to how changes in Arctic sea ice affect our weather, climate scientists go to some of the most remote areas on Earth to help us understand our environment. The Juneau ...

The Alarming Science Behind Climate Change’s Increasingly Wild Weather: Ostro And Francis On Video

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By Joe Romm / Climate Progress: Earlier this month, Chris Mooney moderated a terrific Climate Desk event featuring top climate researcher Jennifer Francis along with senior Weather Channel meteorologist (and former sk...

UK and Poland announce plans to push fracking across Europe

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David Cameron tells Polish Prime Minister that he will cooperate to prevent EU legislation that could slow down fracking industry By Sophie Yeo | Release URL | "In the video above (2010) Cameron claimed he cares fo...

The Rate of Sea-Level Rise

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A new study paper out in nature (Nature Climate Change / 2014 / doi:10.1038/nclimate2159), explores why the rise of sea-level has slowed in the last decade. Unsurprisingly the slow-down coincidences with the observed ...