ScienceCasts: The Cloudy Future of Arctic Sea Ice

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As climate change continues to hammer Arctic sea ice, pushing back its summertime boundaries to record-high latitudes, NASA is flying an innovative airborne mission to find out how these developments will affect world...

The EV Revolution

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People used to buy electric cars to help save the planet. Now they buy electric cars, because they are the best, most fun, and coolest rides around.

Dr. Richard Alley on Undersea Methane

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Interviewed in San Francisco, December, 2013. Dr. Alley worked with the National Academy of Science to produce a study of abrupt climate change impacts, including the so-called "methane bomb" - an uncontrolled release...

Bill McGuire: Modelling suggests with ice cap melt, an increase in volcanic activity

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ClimateState interviewed Bill McGuire, Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at the University College London, one of Britain’s leading volcanologists and contributing author to the 2011 IPCC report. He called for an e...

CBC on Dark Snow Project

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The Dark Snow Project continues to make headlines around the world. Dr. Jason Box was interviewed from a climate conference in Bristol, England for this report from Canadian Broadcasting.

EPA: What do YOU think about climate change?

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For more information about climate change, go to For more about EPA: We accept comments according to our comment policy:

Arctic Sea Ice, Summer 2014 (NASA animation)

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An animation of daily Arctic sea ice extent in summer 2014, from March 21, 2014 to Sept. 17, 2014 – when the ice appeared to reach it’s minimum extent for the year. It’s the sixth lowest minimum sea ice extent in the ...

Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Climate Change

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Transcript of Archbishop Tutu's remarks on climate change: "The destruction of the earth’s environment is the human rights challenge of our time. Over the 25 years that climate change has been on the world’s ag...

Jon Stewart Spanks House Science Committee for Stupidity on Climate Change (9/22/2014)

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Stewart Blows Up on GOP Over Climate Change: ‘Pushing a Million Pounds of Idiot Up a Mountain’ Jon Stewart on Monday slammed a U.S House hearing regarding climate change, comparing the Republican-led session to “pu...

UK Flooding and the Science of Climate Change

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Climate change is the ultimate challenge but as a matter of fact most governments and the media are still sleepwalking and are in denial for the most part. In the video below "Influence of Arctic sea ice on European s...

Arctic Death Spiral 1979-2013 ( Sea Ice Decline / Deglaciation)

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Monthly averages from January 1979 - 2014 (Jan). Data source via the Polar Science Center (University of Washington) URL.  Data visualisation by Andy Lee Robinson.   Arctic Death Spiral by Andy Lee Ro...

NASA: The Polar Jet Stream

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The polar jet stream can travel at speeds greater than 100 mph. Here, the fastest winds are colored red; slower winds are blue. The polar jet stream is strongest in winter when the temperature difference between warm ...

Flooded Soil Science

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Repost from 2012:  Kate Scow - Professor of Soil Science and Microbial Ecology, UC Davis setup an excellent wiki entry about flooding on soils. Flooded soils occur with complete water saturation of soil pores, and ...

Sea Level Rise and Climate Change

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Climate Change and Sea Level Rise: Time for a Strategic Retreat from the Beach? Held on March 20, 2013 at the Seminole Campus Conference Center   Follow ClimateState on facebook for more climate research...

Joe Romm on the Carbon Tax

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Published on YouTube Oct 21, 2013 Dr. Joe Romm, Climate Progress joins Thom Hartmann. Right now - we still have have a chance to save our planet from the greatest threat it's ever faced: climate change. But at what...

Call Out The Climate Change Deniers

996 Views1 Comments The national science academies of every major country in the world have confirmed that climate change is real. NASA and 97 percent of scientists confirm that climate change is real. But 135 members of...

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria helps crops to ‘feed’ themselves

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Published on YouTube Jul 25, 2013: World changing technology developed by experts at The University of Nottingham enables crops to take nitrogen from the air reducing the use of expensive and environmentally damaging ...

Obama calls for swift action to tackle emissions

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Extreme Weather and Climate Change. President Barack Obama calls for swift action to tackle emissions ahead of Doha climate talks. Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C Warmer World Must Be Avoided - Executive Summary htt...

James Hansen explains Climate Change and Free Market Solution

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39:00 min = topic Carbon fee  Climate Scientist Hansen Turns Activist, Advocates 'Fee' on Carbon Pollution Bloomberg: James Hansen, the former NASA climate scientist who first brought climate change to the atten...

How the Greenhouse Effect Works

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Published on YouTube Aug 22, 2013 The greenhouse effect is a process by which thermal radiation from a planetary surface is absorbed by atmospheric greenhouse gases, and is re-radiated in all directions. Since part...