ScienceCasts: The Cloudy Future of Arctic Sea Ice

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As climate change continues to hammer Arctic sea ice, pushing back its summertime boundaries to record-high latitudes, NASA is flying an innovative airborne mission to find out how these developments will affect world...

The EV Revolution

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People used to buy electric cars to help save the planet. Now they buy electric cars, because they are the best, most fun, and coolest rides around.

Dr. Richard Alley on Undersea Methane

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Interviewed in San Francisco, December, 2013. Dr. Alley worked with the National Academy of Science to produce a study of abrupt climate change impacts, including the so-called "methane bomb" - an uncontrolled release...

Bill McGuire: Modelling suggests with ice cap melt, an increase in volcanic activity

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ClimateState interviewed Bill McGuire, Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at the University College London, one of Britain’s leading volcanologists and contributing author to the 2011 IPCC report. He called for an e...

CBC on Dark Snow Project

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The Dark Snow Project continues to make headlines around the world. Dr. Jason Box was interviewed from a climate conference in Bristol, England for this report from Canadian Broadcasting.

EPA: What do YOU think about climate change?

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For more information about climate change, go to For more about EPA: We accept comments according to our comment policy:

Arctic Sea Ice, Summer 2014 (NASA animation)

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An animation of daily Arctic sea ice extent in summer 2014, from March 21, 2014 to Sept. 17, 2014 – when the ice appeared to reach it’s minimum extent for the year. It’s the sixth lowest minimum sea ice extent in the ...

Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Climate Change

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Transcript of Archbishop Tutu's remarks on climate change: "The destruction of the earth’s environment is the human rights challenge of our time. Over the 25 years that climate change has been on the world’s ag...

Jon Stewart Spanks House Science Committee for Stupidity on Climate Change (9/22/2014)

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Stewart Blows Up on GOP Over Climate Change: ‘Pushing a Million Pounds of Idiot Up a Mountain’ Jon Stewart on Monday slammed a U.S House hearing regarding climate change, comparing the Republican-led session to “pu...

Greenland Ice Sheet: “Starting to Slip”

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Published on YouTube Jul 29, 2013: Research scientists provide insights on recent 'unprecedented' melting of Greenland's interior ice sheet. Latest video for The Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media, the fi...

Ocean Heat Content

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Oceanic heat content (OHC) is the heat stored in the ocean. Oceanography and climatology are the science branches which study ocean heat content. The changes in the ocean heat play an important role in sea level rise,...

Novel climate proxy reveals CO2 content of Earth’s atmosphere, of the past 400 million years

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The study New constraints on atmospheric CO2 concentration for the Phanerozoic (DOI: 10.1002/2014GL060457), by Peter J. Franks, Dana L. Royer, David J. Beerling , Peter K. Van de Water, David J. Cantrill, Margaret M. ...

NASA: Four Decades of Sea Ice From Space

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NASA: One of the most visible signs of climate change in recent years was not even visible at all until a few decades ago. The sea ice cap that covers the Arctic Ocean has been changing dramatically, especially in the...

What is Sea Level?

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Published on YouTube Nov 25, 2013 FREE FACT: An oblate spheroid is a special case of an ellipsoid where two of the semi-principal axes are the same size.

A 50 Year Plan for Surviving Climate Change

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The economy is the “canary in the coal mine” of climate change. No one is prepared for the devastating consequences of the collapse of the ecosystem and the economy. Government and business are committed to actions th...

Call Out the Climate Change Deniers

650 Views1 Comments Climate change is real, it's caused largely by human activities, and it poses significant risks for our health. Some members of Congress disagree with this simple, scientifically proven fact. We need ...

Ice cores what they reveal and how deniers distort the data

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First posted in 2011, still popular on denialist blogs. Peter Sinclair explains:  A widely circulated piece of climate denial nonsense purports to use legitimate evidence from Greenland ice cores to debunk the record...

Canada’s shocking oilsands operation (Aerial footage)

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DeSmog Canada published a series of aerial photos from Canada Alberta. Alex MacLean is one of America’s most famed and iconic aerial photographers. His perspective on human structures, from bodies sunbathing at the...

Antarctica’s ice loss on the rise (December 2013)

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Published 11 December 2013 | Release URL (ESA CryoSat) Three years of observations by ESA’s CryoSat satellite show that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is losing over 150 cubic kilometres of ice each year – considerab...

The Big Question: Why are we still debating climate change?

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In the March edition of our Big Question video series, David Archer of the University of Chicago joins Booth professors Jesse Shapiro and Jane Risen to discuss why the public's view of global warming is so far from th...

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Latest short film in the Green World Rising series out now.....

The series is narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and created in collaboration with Thom Hartmann and George DiCaprio.
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Earlier this year, Denmark's leadership announced that it planned to run its economy entirely on renewable power by 2050, and would phase out coal by 2030. Months later, the Danish government reported that wind was about to become far cheaper than fossil fuels. This week, it said it’d like to try to do even better, and kill coal in ten years, not fifteen.
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