The Last EU Solar Panel Producer Meyer Burger

Meyer Burger is known for elegant high-performance modules. These are designed in Switzerland and manufactured exclusively in Germany.

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January 24, 2024

Founded in 1953 in Switzerland, Meyer Burger today manufacturers solar panels and solar modules.

Since 2021, the German Meyer Burger solar power plants produce heterojunction solar cells and photovoltaic modules.

Meyer Burger recently expanded with a 2 gigawatt solar panel production site to the United States in Goodyear, Arizona.


According to the company has achieved a monopoly position with its HJT photovoltaic cells. These achieve higher efficiency at high temperatures than other modules.

The integrated SmartWire technology makes them more resistant to micro-cracks. Meyer Burger uses silicon produced in Germany by Wacker Chemie.

Sustainability is very important in the company. This means short delivery routes and therefore quick delivery times.

In this way, the company supports the local economy. Since Meyer Burger sources many materials from European suppliers, they are not as dependent on the foreign market as, for example, companies that source materials from Asia.


The modules are manufactured under the strictest environmental standards. They completely avoid the toxic heavy metal lead and use significantly fewer solvents.

In addition, Meyer Burger operates its production facilities with energy from renewable sources. Old modules are recycled as completely as possible.

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Today, Europe imports about 90 percent of solar panels, but in 2007 produced 30 percent of the world’s photovoltaic panel.

For more visit / Disclaimer, the author owns Meyer Burger shares.

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