Greenland Anomaly: Late Season Melt Pulse + Methane Emissions August 4th 2013

Follow ClimateState on facebook for climate research Extensive Dark Snow, Very Large Melt Lakes Visible Over West Slope of Greenland as Late Season Melt Pulse Continues by robertscribbler on August 5, 2013 Sat Image source: NSIDC Methane visualization 4th August 2013 MODIS Terra & Aqua (MODIS Combined Value-Added) Aerosol Optical Depth via…

Melting permafrost releases greenhouse gases

A UN report has warned that carbon dioxide and methane released from melting permafrost could push the climate past a tipping point and dangerously accelerate global warming. Broadcast: 28/11/2012, Reporter: Tony Jones… Thawing permafrost may amplify global warming, U.N. reports… Policy Implications of Warming Permafrost