The Significance of El Niño and Its Impacts (2014)

This event (December 2014), shows the significance of El Niño through observations—satellite, in situ, and model simulations—its physical mechanisms and associated biological and biogeochemical impacts,

Ocean May Be Melting Totten Glacier

Ocean access to a cavity beneath Totten Glacier in East Antarctica Totten Glacier, the primary outlet of the Aurora Subglacial Basin, has the largest

The Siberian Traps and Volcanic Mass Extinction

Siberian Flood Basalts – MIT: About 252 million years ago, the largest mass extinction and the largest volcanic eruptions in Earth history occurred apparently synchronously.

How Fishermen experience Climate Change

Pete, a local fisherman in Puget Sound, discusses his family-owned fishing business and the threat to his livelihood that ocean acidification poses