Natural Gas vs Coal, and what does it mean for the Climate?

Robert Howarth talks with Dan Miller about natural gas (methane) […]

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June 18, 2021

Robert Howarth talks with Dan Miller about natural gas (methane) and coal in terms what these fossil energies hold for our climate.

Robert Howarth is Professor of Ecology & Environmental Biology at Cornell University. He is an expert on natural gas & methane and their impact on the climate. In this wide-ranging interview, Prof. Howarth discusses how methane’s powerful warming capability (87X more effective than CO2 in warming the world over a 20-year period) and its high leakage rate from the extraction, transportation, and utilization processes makes it about as bad as coal when it comes to short-terms global warming.


Massive Methane leaks in US Oilfield

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