Widespread Praise: Greta Thunberg & Global School Climate Strikes

Topics on our environment and climate have been trending lately […]

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December 2, 2019

Topics on our environment and climate have been trending lately and for a good reason. Over the past years, we have witnessed dramatic changes in different areas around the world.

What signs of climate change have we seen so far? Some regions have suffered from a rapid increase in sea levels. Also, there have been multiple hurricanes, and similar natural disasters of unbelievable power hit the Earth here and there. They have struck even in the regions that we thought were completely safe. Along with that, the changing climate brings a whole thread of additional issues:

  • Intense droughts;
  • Large-scale forest fires that destroy huge areas of woods;
  • Lengthened growing season and frost-free season;
  • Floods;
  • Extreme heat waves that made different areas experience the hottest days in a century, etc.

Is the threat real? No matter how hard governments and some people try to convince us that nothing is really happening, now, it became impossible to deny the actuality and hazards of climate change. Most of us have already experienced it in our native lands, so it is impossible to stay indifferent.

Scientists claim that the situation will only get worse if we won’t be looking for ways to make a change. Specialists from NASA stress that hurricanes, heat waves, droughts, and other issues will keep growing stronger and become more intense throughout this century and beyond.

Schools and universities start raising the matter of climate change in the classroom. Students all across the globe are participating in various projects, conduct research on this matter, and write academic papers on related topics. The assignments range from a presentation, visual analysis example, research papers to even dissertations.

With all these issues in mind, it becomes quite clear that we have to finally start acting in order to save our planet and ensure a carefree future for our children. Luckily, while some people keep denying the threat, others are ready to speak up for us all.


Greta Thunberg: A Role Model for Climate Activists

Speaking of those brave activists, who are fighting for our future, it is impossible not to mention Greta Thunberg. This extremely conscious and courageous girl from Sweden is now only 16 years old. 

However, her young age didn’t stop her from speaking up for her generation and raising the world’s awareness of things that really matter. 

In many ways, Greta is a role model for all of us. A young girl, extremely concerned about the future of our planet, managed to reach out to people from all over the globe and deliver her message. 

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On every step, she faced huge opposition from those who don’t believe in climate change and governments. However, she didn’t give up and still keeps actively promoting her ideas.

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What has brought Greta Thunberg fame? At the age of 15, this Swedish girl has initiated a school environmental campaign. Back in August 2018, Greta started spending days outside the local parliament calling the government to start acting on global warming. Standing alone on the street and trying to convey her message, she was holding a sign “School strike for the climate.”

School Strikes Around the World

Quite soon, Greta’s story got mass publicity. Her campaign has inspired and motivated students from other countries to follow the lead. Students from many states have supported Greta’s initiative and went out to protest.

Thanks to Greta Thunberg and other activists, the problem of climate change was finally heard by people from every corner of our planet. This has caused a massive chain reaction of more strikes across the globe. Thanks to such massive support, this campaign has gained international recognition, and Greta Thunberg did too.

Together with like-minded young activists, they initiated a whole school climate strike movement called Fridays for Future. 

Greta herself was invited to address the issues she is so concerned about during the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference. Participation in such a large-scale event has brought her even more fame and recognition.

Thanks to such mindfulness and perseverance, Greta and her followers have been heard. Now, the issues associated with climate change and global warming are trending. People seem to be getting more and more conscious about the impact their behaviors have on the planet.

On the Last Note

What is even more important is that thanks to such strikes, every person gets a bit more familiar with the issues facing our planet. This causes our society to become more mindful and finally think of how we can make a difference.

Greta Thunberg was heard by society regardless of her young age, and she doesn’t stop acting. Activists like her really deserve widespread praise. From a global perspective, they are real-life heroes fighting for the sake of our future and happiness.

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