Watch the thought provoking climate documentary Innocently Violent

Film maker Korey Rowe has released a new documentary, “Innocently Violent”, concerning the future of our food supply as affected by climate change. Korey travels from the glaciers of Iceland, to the labs of UCLA and the kitchens of Vancouver to understand what will happen in the years to come if the drastic changes we are witnessing can’t be reversed.

“A problem properly stated is half-solved,” says Jordan Perry, farmer and conservationist in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada who is featured in the film. Jordan and his family are taking active measures in their own lives to educate themselves and others in sustainable living practices.

At times the documentary depicts with stark climate messages, but then considerably slows down, offers the viewer some breath. Innocently Violent is a thought provoking film that does not tries to offer all the answers to climate change but may leave you thinking about your own life.

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