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Happy New Year to all our readers, viewers, followers and […]

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Chris Machens

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December 31, 2018

Happy New Year to all our readers, viewers, followers and subscribers and the supporters! 2019 is here, a new chapter starts, records are reset for the new year, and we can compare them with the past.

2018 was again an exiting year for climate change, many will remember the Hothouse study, which looked at climate from a new vintage point, based on planetary boundary conditions. Another increasingly accepted opinion among leading researchers is to factor climate and policy more in a risk assessment framework, rather than based on a carbon budget, outlined in detail in this report. Another conclusion from a United Nations report, the need for drastic change, within a few years. There were many more reports, studies, conclusions, another surprise, the decline among insects.

The year 2018 will also be remembered for the complete capitulation by the United States in terms of environmental stewardship, or to put it differently, how well it protects its citizens, the homeland. Fitting, President Trump doubled down on his stance about the sciences, while disregarding what the brightest minds on the globe think. SAD!

Meanwhile the trends keep trending, the extremes become more extreme, the impacts more profound, manifestation of a new climate state. A climate that is hostile to our and most of the other life forms on the planet we call Earth. Climate predictions made 30 years ago.

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The new year resolution is to drive less, and when to drive, to drive with electric propulsion, and to get the needed electricity from renewables. See also Club of Rome Climate Emergency Plan

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There is only one way, and this way is forward.

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