Great list of dubious copyright claims for climate change awareness – video content

Since filling copyright claims on material to bring more awareness to the topic of climate change is an issue, we decided to start a list with all these claims. Below a collection of such claims, will be updated so come back from time to time. Also these actions in the past caused disturbances to our operation, when our YouTube channel was shut down. We later found out that there were 4 bogus copyright claims filed.

Dates are estimated, based on when we became aware of the copyright claim.

Platform: YouTube

Content: Arctic Sea Ice Extent and Concentration September 1979-2016 (NSIDC) | License: Free for commercial usage (Original file)| Date: June 2, 2017 | Copyright claimant: Label Engine On behalf of: Circular LimitedIncident: Label Engine claims copyright for audio content, published free for commercial use by the rights holder

Content: The Top 10 Devastating Effects Of Climate Change | License: CC0 Public Domain | Date: May 25, 2017 | Copyright claimant: [Merlin] Danmark Music Group Incident: The Danmark Music Group claims copyright for visual content, published into the public domain.

Content: Progressive Climate Trance ♫ Mix October 2016 ►Subscribe | License: CC0 Public Domain | Date: March 23, 2017 | Copyright claimant: [Merlin] Armada Music, Channel: Armada Music | Incident: [Merlin] Armada Music claims monetization of public domain visual content, part of progressive psytrance music video with climate theme (feat. Bill McKibbben – first and last song with speech excerpts).

Content: Global Warming Do the Math – The Movie | License: CC-BY (commercial reuse allowed) | Date: March 10, 2017 | Copyright claimant: Valleyarm Digital Pty Ltd – Channel: Galloping Films | Incident: Valleyarm Digital Pty Ltd, filed a copyright claim, for monetization, based on footage with Bill McKibben speaking.

Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures against Fair Use for YouTube climate change content
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