How to Give Your Warehouse an Eco Makeover

We all have a responsibility to become better citizens of […]

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September 29, 2015

We all have a responsibility to become better citizens of the world.

Whether that involves making purchases that are more ethical, attempting to travel sustainably or taking the leap from vegetarian to vegan, it’s our duty to give Mother Nature a helping hand against climate change, environmental degradation and resource depletion.

Indeed, with almost two acres of rainforest cleared every second and up to 137 plant, animal and insect species lost every day due to this destruction, there’s little doubt our planet deserves some much needed TLC.

But what part can business owners play?

As a profit driven industrialist with a hefty warehouse, it’s an undeniable challenge trying to make your business green. However, becoming a friend of the environment is no longer an idea you can brush off with an uncomfortable laugh.

Although your current practices may fill your coffers with lot of lovely loot, doing so at the expense of the environment is likely to have your customers shunning your company, as consumers are increasingly concerned with the way products are made and handled.

Consequently, your firm’s warehouse must be as eco-friendly as possible by making some fundamental changes that will not only make a real difference to the environment but also to the public’s perception of your company.

1. Gain an Expert Opinion

It’s easy to imagine that you can boost your firm’s green credentials singlehandedly, but this is one job that’s best to get an expert opinion on before you begin. Whilst you can use the web to gather valuable information, nothing beats a thorough assessment by a qualified professional.

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As such, give the environmental and energy saving experts in your area a call. That way they can visit your warehouse and give you information on how you can transform your premises from an environmental dead zone to a warehouse you can be proud of.

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2. Increase Your Space

Any successful business owner wants to increase his or her share of the market, which oftren means swapping smaller premises for somewhere bigger. However, moving to a new, larger warehouse will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on the environment.

By increasing space in your existing warehouse by installing a mezzanine floor, however, you can avoid forking out for a new place. This allows room for more products – or more offices for staff – and cuts down on the need for larger premises elsewhere.

3. Go Solar

With around 90 per cent of our energy coming from fossil fuels, it’s little wonder the earth’s resources are being severely depleted – which is why many homes and businesses are harnessing the energy of the sun to heat and power their premises.

Indeed, solar power in the UK is increasing in popularity, as almost 650,000 solar installations churn out over 5,000 MW of solar power, with many homes and businesses using it as a supplementary outlet to their main power source.

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