New secret Tesla car “Fly mode” unlocked

Yes, even though there are rumors, and actual approaches to […]

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June 8, 2015

Yes, even though there are rumors, and actual approaches to flying cars, the secret Tesla fly mode has not been discovered yet. However, potential car buyers need to understand that they can make a real difference when buying an electric vehicle.

There are no longer excuses such as, it won’t drive long enough, or fast enough, or recharge fast enough etc., because there are solutions available for the 21th century electric car buyer.

Electric cars not only rank among the best cars in reviews, they are also very fast.

Car buyers who buy electric help to grow the electric vehicle automobile industry, and do not emit CO2 emissions, unless their electricity supply comes from fossil sources.

Electric is also the healthier option, since drivers are no longer exposed to gasoline fumes. A great risk of gasoline is the harm it can do to your lungs when fumes are inhaled.

Today is the time to go electric, because of climate change, because it is less noisy, less polluting, and many attest that driving electric is just cool.

If enough people switch to electric cars, we have a chance to really reduce CO2 emissions – achievement unlocked!

Make a difference, buy electric, and be smart and save money when generating your own electricity.

Teaser image, Aeromobil, flying car prototype


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