This image explains what is wrong with climate change coverage in the USA

Yesterday Obama delivered a historic speech about national security and climate change, […]

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May 21, 2015

Yesterday Obama delivered a historic speech about national security and climate change, at a US coast guard academy. Additionally the White House released a report, which summed up the conclusions from security experts on climate change.

Today, if you go to Google News and type in “climate change”, you get something like below picture, 593 media articles on Obama’s speech, but then 757 articles about Jeb Bush’s remarks, how he claims the science is not settled about climate change.


Thus, the media is covering denial of the science more, and this may delay important climate actions. What could possibly go wrong, when denying the science and the warnings of the security experts?

The result could mean that cities become vulnerable to sea level rise, from threats such as possible flooding of coastal nuclear power plants, or sea level rise of several meters.

Climate actions are required to slow global warming, and to prevent the worst case scenarios of climate change, because of the slow inertia of ice sheets or permafrost thaw.

Meanwhile an article from CNN suggested to declare war on climate change.

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