Is the climate sensitivity less than 2°C?

Published on YouTube Aug 4, 2013: Atmospheric Scientist Andrew […]

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August 25, 2013

Published on YouTube Aug 4, 2013: Atmospheric Scientist Andrew Dessler of Texas A&M has been doing a lot of important writing and speaking on the topic of climate sensitivity over the last several years.  His debate with Richard Lindzen, posted here a while ago, is  a good example of how he has managed to clearly explicate the major drivers of climate change.
He  assures me that he wishes this video was funnier and snappier. What it is, is, an  important first pass at pushback on the “climate sensitivity” meme, which is clearly shaping up as the initial pushback against the new IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), which will come out this fall.

I’ve since interviewed Andy by Skype, and am working on my own climate sensitivity piece, which I am sure will not be as precise and erudite, but, who knows, maybe I can include some Elmer Fudd clips to pump the levity content.

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