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ClimateState is maintained by unpaid volunteers. Make a difference with your donation to improve climate change coverage.

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You can donate to us via PayPal, which includes the option to pay with your credit card.

Donations will go directly to benefit the project. We currently seek professional video equipment and software for future video productions, to cover running costs, to pay for software, audio or video licenses, or professional narration.

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Membership & Merchandise

Visitors from Europe or the U.S. can buy ClimateState T-Shirts, become a ClimateState Member, Supporter or Climate Hawk (This includes the option to display your logo with a link on our website).
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● Donate Bitcoin to Climate State 3F7RYgYRD2BmE2UcxgZqY5pccPcnsSBBbL


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● Donate ZCash t1P6HxEu62siYm2SXHGydWHsX1jnGh68SR6

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