The Climate Warnings Films from the 1980s

Roger Revelles 1980 Discussion of CO2 and Climate Risks 1980 […]

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July 19, 2019

Roger Revelles 1980 Discussion of CO2 and Climate Risks

1980 Walter Cronkite

1981 Warming Warning

1982 on CBS Evening News

Michael MacCracken – 1982 Climate Change Presentation

Climate Change Presentation. Published by Climate Institute. 33 min. Albedo / Sea Ice / Arctic Amplification / Feedbacks 54 min. Antarctic sea ice sampling. 55 min., 58.20 min Sea level rise. Antarctica. Mentions Walter Cronkite show about flood, North American Ice sheet, Hudson bay calved away within 100 years. 60 min. climate engineering.

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1983 Climate Crisis The Greenhouse Effect NOVA Film with Al Gore

Al Gore on Climate Change in 1983

The Climate Factor (NOAA – 1984)

Climate Change Documentary (1984)

Carl Sagan & Al Gore Raise Climate Alarm in 1985

1988 ABC Television Climate Debate

1988 ABC Quantum Inside the Greenhouse

1989 Carl Sagan’s Cosmos

Margaret Thatcher: UN General Assembly Climate Change Speech (1989)

Australian School Film on the Greenhouse Effect 1980s

Shell Oil’s Stark Climate Change Warning from 1991

Climate Change in Films of the 1970s

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