Hawaii Volcano Eruptions (1960s Film)

Published On: April 20, 2017

Volcanic eruptions and lava flows in Hawaii. Great variety of, […]

Volcanic eruptions and lava flows in Hawaii.

Great variety of, some very beautiful, erupting volcano footage in Hawaii; molten lava; trees burning in lava; firefalls; lava pooring into the ocean creating shoreline; aerial shots of erupting volcano; scientist in lava field; magma; smoke. Nice shots of volcanic rocks.

01:29:51:00 Nice credits; a woven book on a black backdrop with “Aloha” on the cover is opened by a hand revealing title page, white font on red paper.

01:35:04:08 Camera on tripod in front of volcanic eruption. Mike Carter, award winning volcanic photographer runs up to camera with blue jeans on his back and protective covering on his head, snaps picture then runs away from the eruption.

01:35:17:03 VS at Volcano House in Hawaii.

01:35:28:25 Romantic scene of an older couple at dinner table at Volcano House in Hawaii. The man points out for his wife a volcano in the distance.

01:41:04:07 Surreal shot of town with volcano erupting in the background.

01:41:18:17 Man in helmet photographing volcano eruptions.

01:41:32:21 Eerie shot of sun through the black smoke from volcano eruptions.

01:44:14:08 Two blond-haired young children, siblings, cross bridge and enter dark cave together.

01:45:20:28 VS houses burnt by hot lava from an eruption.

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