How to talk to a climate change denier

George Marshall tells us to have that important conversation with […]

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May 20, 2013

George Marshall tells us to have that important conversation with Uncle Bob, and gives us a way of doing it that may actually change his mind….
Communications expert George Marshall offers six strategies for talking to people who don’t accept that climate change is happening Drawing on his workshops in climate communications and the latest social research he proposes a respectful approach that responds to their interests and values. He says that you should keep away from an argument about the science and concentrate on the personal journey that led you to accept the problem. Try it and you’ll find it works.…

These recommendations are based on the current social research and four years experience of leading workshops on peer to peer communications. My colleague Dr Adam Corner has prepared a paper at with links to the original research.

I want to apologise for using the phrase Climate Change Denier which is tricky I know. It is, I am sure, the best title for people looking for this material and I want the video seen by as many people as possible. Half way through the video I recommend using the term Climate Dissenters as an alternative.

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