Global Warming changes the Jet Stream, cause of more Extreme Weather

Published On: May 2, 2013

See Part One here YouTube One of the most confusing […]

See Part One here

One of the most confusing effects of climate change is the increasing incidence of weather extremes, that may include hot, AND cold, snow and rain, wet and dry, drought and flood.
Scientists have been examining this problem intensely over recent years, as Europe, America, and Asia have all been subject to wave after wave of record breaking weather events. Now the picture is coming into focus.

tornado counts, noaa…

Arctic Warming altering weather…

Arctic changes and Weather Extremes: NYTimes…

Jennifer Francis: Linking Weird Weather to Arctic changes…

Jennifer Francis graphs…

Munich Re:Statement of Prof. Peter Hoppe/2010 Press release on climate related Natcats…

current tornado stats – US

shrinking western snowpack…

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