James Hansen: Tipping Points, Carbon Tax and organized Denial

Interview with James Hansen (NASA Goddard Institute) recorded at the […]

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May 2, 2013

Interview with James Hansen (NASA Goddard Institute) recorded at the UN University G8 symposium on innovation and climate change held 4th July, 2008 Tokyo.


Wikipedia: Carbon tax

Test trial convicts fossil fuel bosses of ‘ecocide’

Top lawyers put fossil fuel bosses on trial in the UK’s supreme court in a mock case to explore if ecocide – environmental destruction – could join genocide as a global crime

Climate: Arctic Thermostat Blows Up

The Arctic thermostat for the world is broken, with record heat & emissions in 2012. Four speakers from Arctic Methane Emergency group film: Peter Wadhams, James Hansen, Natalia Shakhova, and David Wasdell. Plus interview with AMEG member Paul Beckwith from University of Ottawa. How polar ice-melt derails climate of Northern Hemisphere, heading for uncontrollable heating. Radio Ecoshock 121219.

Climate pioneer James Hansen warns of climate ‘tipping point,’ calls for carbon tax https://news.cornell.edu/stories/2010/04/climatologist-james-hansen-delivers-iscol-lecture

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