SkyNews: Miliband Issues Climate Change Warning The Labour leader says climate change is to blame for the floods and warns the UK is heading for a “national security crisis” In an interview with the Observer newspaper, Mr Miliband argued: “Storms and severe weather conditions that we have might have expected to occur once in 100 years, say, in the past, may now be happening more frequently and the reason is … that the climate is changing.”

The second wettest winter in 2012 and this winter’s one in 250-year event led him to one conclusion, he added. Conservative Defence Secretary Philip Hammond, who has admitted the military could have been brought in earlier to help deal with the flooding crisis, said Mr Miliband had not said “anything new”.

He said: “Climate change is clearly happening, it is clearly a factor in the weather patterns that we are seeing.

Feature image via The Guardian (2013)



  • 2012miya 1 year ago
  • John LightRider 1 year ago

    A Must See Video

  • Larry G 1 year ago

    The government is on top of things? Really? It’s starting to rain Noah…we
    should start putting the boat together. LOL . There is only one thing for
    them and all the rest of us to do, but as a people, as a whole we wont do
    that one thing. The answer has been given, but we don’t find it believable.
    I myself have given it many times, and I am found not credible. Just before
    the bus hits us, does man not cry, oh my God? So all I can say is
    pray……… or let it rain, let it rain.

  • pcuimac 1 year ago

    Just have a look and search for the film ‘Age of Stupid’. It shows what a
    bunch of idiots we humans are.

  • dagothex 1 year ago

    Talk about too little, too late!

  • ClimateState 1 year ago