Custom Video Production (5 minutes)


Professional video production.


The Climate State staff has over ten years of experience in creating video content.

Video content

  • Duration: Up to 5 minutes of video duration.
  • Files: Up to 10 of your video files, otherwise we will provide public domain video footage – fitting your video theme.
  • Thumbnail: Your video thumbnail, or we can provide one.
  • Graphics: Up to 20 graphics (supported graphic formats = png, gif, or jpg).
  • Text: Your texts, slogans, image descriptions, authors etc.
  • Narration: Your voice files, otherwise we can provide a human-like narration at no extra cost (example).
  • Music: Your music.

Video structure

  • Intro: A brief  introduction with a title display.
  • Main content
  • End-screen: Credits, links.


  • Production time: 1 – 2 weeks.
  • Video scope: After your order, send us an email with your files and instructions. Ideally you send us a video example link showcasing how you envision the video.
  • Narration: If required we can provide a professional narration of your text, in such case we would send you an invoice for the narration (example voice starts at 4:48). The additional pricing depends on the amount of words in your text.
  • Music: If you require music for your video we can add music where we have the license to incorporate it as part of our work.


  • Revisions: After video delivery you have 3 days to ask for video edits, up to 3 revisions.



  • Copyright: You are responsible for the video content rights. We have no control over the material rights you provide us with. The content we provide is either in the public domain or was created by our staff. We can provide you with our content file sources if required. Here are creative commons or public domain sources.
  • Scope: We only produce video content which is objective and sound, opposed to defamatory, false or threatening. If we deem your video scope doesn’t align with ours, we will inform and refund you within a week.


Example video productions

Music video